For Beatles fans, Yoko-lovers, and Yoko-haters out there, please check out Cara's intro post to her feminist analysis of Yoko Ono.

As I mention in the comments, I luckily bypassed the Yoko-hating stage that Cara rightfully describes as almost a rite of passage. The core group of Beatles-loving friends I had when I started to become a dedicated fan liked Yoko (or were at least indifferent to her), and it didn't occur to me that there was a negative image connected to her. So while I've never been as big a fan of Yoko as many other people I know, I never blamed her for the demise of the Beatles or any of that. In fact, even after learning about this perception of her, it always sounded a bit fishy to me, but I didn't start thinking about it much until recently.

Right now I'm reading Here, There, and Everywhere: The 100 Best Beatles Songs. The list was compiled by two Beatles fans, so I'm reading it less for their ranking of the songs (though I've agreed with most of their rankings so far) and more for the song meanings, song facts and other background stories b/c I love reading stuff like that. One thing I've noticed a lot is that there are a heckuva lot of songs people love that were more John's song or Paul's song than they were Beatles songs, as is the case for the early songs. They talk a lot about the fact that Paul spent a lot of time in the studio recording his own songs, and the problems with the group seem to come up in the explanation for almost every song.

Because I've never really considered Beatles songs & history as closely as I am now that I'm reading this book, I also hadn't really considered Yoko's role in it as much as I'm doing right now.

I'll leave the analysis to Cara, but I did want to say, I find it very sad that all of these years later, Yoko is still suffering from this negative image. This is especially true when it seems so clear (to me, at least) that the Beatles were having all sorts of issues before she was in the picture. The simple answer is that it's pretty easy to blame the woman when there's any ambiguity.

I'm going to keep doing my part to educate the masses on the Beatles history they seem to be unaware of. I'm also going to take the initiative to learn more about Yoko herself, her art, peace efforts, etc. Any thoughts on where to start?


At Tue Dec 16, 05:26:00 PM Cara said...

Her website Imagine Peace is awesome, and documents both her own Imagine Peace project and many of the peace projects she did with John. Also, buy her book Grapefruit! It's a little hard to get into at first, but once it starts to click you realize that much of it is quite hilarious :) And thanks for the link love!


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