This week I got the chance to watch two movies that I've wanted to see for a while now: Teeth and Itty Bitty Titty Committee. They were both awesome!

Teeth was absolutely hilarious. It's about a girl who has made a pledge to remain abstinent until marriage, until a few complications arise. Her hormones start to kick in and pushed to overdrive because of a dreamy guy she meets. As she's dealing with that, she also realizes that she has vagina dentata -- a toothed vagina. Weirdness and hilarity ensue, ending with one of the funniest scenes ever... sorry, that's where your spoilers end, go watch the movie yourself. I loved that even though the movie was predictable at times, it still cracked me up throughout the whole thing. Mostly, the performance of the lead made the movie and her facial expressions were perfect.

Itty Bitty Titty Committee is about a (very small) radical feminist group who try to spread their message, though rather unsuccessfully. It documents their passions, hook ups, complicated love lives, and their struggle to keep their group together and work for the cause they believe in. The women who play the leads in this movie worked very well together, IMO. It was also rather refreshing to watch a movie where the men account for about a dozen of the lines in the entire thing. The most interesting thing to me was the juxtaposition of the radical group and the established, organized non-profit. I could write an entire post on only that (and probably will when I find enough time). Plus, the fact that the film was inspired by the Riot Grrrl movement and the Guerrilla Girls should really be reason enough for you to watch, so go on!

Have any of you gotten to watch these films yet? What other feminist-friendly movies do y'all recommend?


At Sun Dec 21, 10:21:00 PM Kate AuH2O said...

So glad I found your blog- I'm always looking for feminist books, movies, and music so I'll have to check back more often. My only suggestion is "Gloomy Sunday" but it's practically impossible to find, but if you do- you will LOVE it.

At Mon Dec 22, 12:12:00 AM lindsay said...

I love Teeth. Love love love it.

At Mon Dec 22, 01:50:00 PM angryyoungwoman said...

Those are both really fun, good movies. My suggestion is Iron-Jawed Angels. The cover doesn't really look feminist, but I promise the movie is. It's a great story about suffragist Alice Paul. You'll love it.

At Mon Dec 22, 02:39:00 PM frau sally benz said...

I LOVE Iron-Jawed Angels! I agree that's a great one.

I've never heard of Gloomy Sunday, but I must go track it down now. Nothing can stop me when I'm on a mission, so let's hope this doesn't get ugly.

Keep the ideas coming!

At Tue Dec 23, 10:41:00 PM fourth wave said...

I loved IBTC; it was totally hilarious! I haven't seen Teeth yet, but I'm dying to and my girlfriend promises me it's fantastic.

I'm also a huge fan of Unveiled, which is a German film (original title Fremde Haut) about an Iranian lesbian who seeks asylum in German and ends up sneaking into the country dressed as a man. It's a beautiful, incredibly amazing movie. Also, if you haven't see Persepolis, you absolutely must.


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