Hey folks! Work has once again taken over my life, as happens from time to time.

But I found out today that NARAL Pro-Choice New York has some great opportunities coming up for pro-choice advocates: canvassing, flyering, making calls, etc. I certainly wish I had more free time so that I could spend a Sunday, or even part of a weekday getting the word out about Obama. Since I can't, the least I could do is spread the word!

NARAL Pro-Choice New York also has a bus trip to PA scheduled for this Saturday and next Saturday. Even though Obama has been leading McCain in the polls, you can never be too certain of anything and Pennsylvania is one of the biggest battleground states. I can't make it out this weekend -- happy birthday, sis! -- but I might try to go next Saturday.

You can find the calendar of events here.

If you don't live in NY, that's cool! Check out NARAL's state affiliate website (you can find them here) for your state to see if they have any upcoming events. And, of course, you could also volunteer for the campaign of your choice directly.

Encourage others to get out the vote for the candidate you think can lead us out of the crazy mess we keep getting further into.



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