Imagine November 5th for a second after all the dust has settled. There are many possible outcomes, one being a Democratic Super Majority. Apparently, this is starting to become a more easily conceivable possibility - check out this ABC News article that breaks it down for us.

Let's face it, if Obama is elected, there's not much he can do if Republicans control the House by too large a margin. They can vote against whatever Obama wants passed, and continue to put forth their own legislation. Of course, a Democratic Super Majority will not magically solve all of our problems, but at least it can get rid of a lot of obstacles for the Democrats.

After reading the ABC News article, not only was I pumped (politics can be so sad sometimes, don't you think?), but it reminded me that we have to keep thinking about the other elections for this year.

You can head over to Project Vote Smart and enter your zip code. It'll bring you to a page that lists the current elected officials, and the ones running in the 2008 election. It links to some basic bio information, their experience, and affiliated organizations & committees. I suggest you also Google them to see what sort of news is out there about them.

Have you been paying attention to the "smaller" elections? What do you think a super majority might mean for us? Too much power? More progressive legislation?


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