I finally got a Halloween costume this morning (I shall be Little Red Riding Hood), so I'm officially in the "Halloween spirit."

I wanted to post a video of Thriller b/c it's also Thriller's 25th Anniversary, but all of the versions on YouTube have embedding disabled (which I find ironic given the Paul McCartney/MJ controversy). So I'll link to it and ask that you enjoy this little girl's wonderful rendition instead:

I particularly enjoy what appears to be the pee pee dance in the beginning and the bootie shakes scattered throughout.

While we're at it, might as well include this video too:

Even though it's been out forever and I've seen it countless times, I stare in amazement and confusion every time.

I hope everyone enjoys their Halloween festivities! If you see a Latina Little Red Riding Hood with big curly hair, glasses, and possibly a grumpy look on her face in NYC, say hi cuz it might be me!


At Sat Nov 01, 03:36:00 PM fourth wave said...

That little girl is priceless!
Hope you had a great Halloween.


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