This morning, I got to the train station earlier than usual, so I had time to pick up a copy of the free NY paper, am New York.

Oh boy.

After throwing away the outside cover (which is just a bunch of huge ads), I got to the real cover and was greeted with: "Fey’s Palin impression has some wondering if ‘SNL’ will sway the election." You've got to be kidding me.

I shall now give you the dialogue I had with myself as I read:

Whether it’s asking for a lifeline in her twangy voice when stumped by CBS’s Katie Couric or playing the flute in her debate with Joe Biden, voters might be getting to know Tina Fey as Sarah Palin rather than the vice presidential candidate herself.
Well, yeah, that tends to happen when a candidate refuses to do interviews except for a select few with a laundry list of conditions.
But has the impersonation gone too far? New Yorkers don’t think so.
Thank goodness for that.
The fact that Americans knew so little about Palin when she was picked by Sen. John McCain has helped exacerbate the problem of her identity being tightly bound to the characterization by Fey
Perhaps if she ever bothered to hold a press conference, or didn't have a scripted debate, or agreed to do more interviews, the McCain camp could counteract this. Maybe that's just me...
"It’s a tremendous help to the Democrats," said John Leo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a popular-culture expert. "It doesn’t create a feeling about Palin. But I think it solidifies or magnifies what’s in people’s minds."
If this is already on people's minds, then isn't it a good thing that the skit is bringing this out there? It's not as if it's based on lies, since the funniest stuff is verbatim. People should trust their judgment, no? *long pause* Wait, what's a "popular-culture expert???"

Read the rest here. My dialogue with am New York did not end there, unfortunately, and I'll be posting part 2 later today.

For more on Fey as Palin, check out the post by Le Loup-garou, and two responses by aviva, here and here.

(Cross-posted at The Feminist Underground.)


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