Maybe all of this non-stop work I've been doing is starting to become emotionally exhausting for me, but reading this literally made me cry:

Just cast an early vote in Cobb County. Only took one hour, forty-five minutes — exactly three weeks before Election Day.

A long line folded itself three times in a relatively hot October sun, shortly before lunch-time. Perhaps a dozen people couldn’t stick it out — they left before getting to the front of the line.

Every one of those who gave up the effort was white. Once in, not a single African-American walked away while I was there. If voter fatigue becomes a factor over the next three weeks, and on Election Day itself, one has to wonder if Republicans are more likely to lose out than Democrats.
(emphasis mine, H/T Jack & Jill Politics)

I just see this as a reminder of how incredible it is to be living and voting at this time. I can't wait to vote!!! =)

This is also my final reminder to register for the folks in the following states:

Alabama, California, Connecticut, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Vermont


At Fri Oct 17, 10:30:00 AM Habladora said...

Cobb County is pretty close to my neighborhood - I plan to vote early too. Over an hour for early voting, though - that's surprising.

Like you, I'm really excited to vote in this election. I'm feeling hopeful again...


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