The 66th Carnival of Feminists is now up for your enjoyment at Apu's World. I'm really excited to let you know that the next carnival will be right here at Jump off the Bridge on October 22nd!

I don't have a theme or any stringent rules (yet?*), BUT, because the next carnival is the last one before the election, I want to remind everyone that it is a feminist carnival. By all means, write about politics if you so choose, but keep in mind to relate it to women, women's issues, or feminism. Cool? Cool.

As always, you can send in your entry with the submission form, and you can also email the link to your post to frausally@gmail.com before October 22nd.

I look forward to reading everyone's entries! And, in the meantime, enjoy the 66th Carnival of Feminists!

*I don't want to be limiting, but if it gets too unwieldy, I'll let y'all know.


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