About Me
I am a feminist and passionate activist. I say those first because they're pretty much my defining characteristics. Almost everything I do, say, or write about comes from that perspective, so it seems important to start out that way.

I'm also addicted to politics and disagree with the rule that you're never to bring up politics. I learn a lot from people with different views than mine, and the best way to reach any sort of understanding is by talking about it, right?

Aside from that, I love books, music, food, friends, fun and blogging. I have a love-hate relationship with NY, and am at my happiest when reading or writing in my comfy apartment, with my guy probably doing the same.

About the Blog
I started this blog as a place to write about my adventures, experiences, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. I wanted it to be a personal blog first and foremost. Of course, as I already mentioned, most of what I write about ends up being directly related to feminism, politics, and activism. I try to sprinkle in music, books and other light stuff to keep it fun. I love having fun, and there's no reason to make my blog a snore-fest just because I'm critical and analytical about pretty much everything. Smart people are fun. =)

I hope you learn a bit and invite you to jump on in with your own two cents whenever you'd like. I love learning new things and expect people to (respectfully) disagree with me and each other all the time. That's life.

About the Name
The name came to me out of nowhere, but I immediately liked it. Here's the post I wrote way back when explaining the name:

How many times have you heard "if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too??" Well... it depends, doesn't it? I mean, what if the bridge is burning? Or if you're running from danger? Or if at the bottom of the bridge there's a sea of chocolate?! Okay, whatever, you get the point.

The way I see it is -- sometimes the people who take the jump are the ones we should be following. The right thing is not always the popular thing. Being a creative thinker or a free spirit can be a dangerous or beautiful thing. Progressive doesn't need to = bad.

You may not agree with everything I have to say, but that's fine with me. I'm pretty open-minded.

So go ahead, take a jump. The [chocolate] water's fine.


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