A couple of days ago, I posted about how you can help Bitch raise money to print their next issue. I just learned that they've not only raised the $40k they needed, but are up to $46,000!! This is yet another example of what happens when people are sparked by something, come together to work towards that goal, and keep on going until they've seen it through.

Hopefully this is just the beginning (or continuance, really) of greatness for Bitch -- not only in content, but in support. I was one of those who didn't know Bitch is a nonprofit, so this only makes me more happy to continue supporting in the future. Great job everyone, and congrats to Bitch!


At Sun Sep 21, 01:22:00 PM Renee said...

I was pretty thrilled with the news myself. I wonder how they are going to continue on though. That is only enough for the next print. Bitch is a really important magazine and is a voice that should not be silenced. I could do without Jezebel but bitch needs to stay.
The really good thing about this was seeing this all over the blogsphere. Women really did come together and this speaks volumes about out commitment to supporting women.


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