I know several people who weren't able to vote for the primary because they simply weren't registered.

If you're in college, find your most politically-related student group and find out about registering to vote with your school address or sending an absentee ballot. If you've just moved, you must register with your new address and find out your local polling place. I just got a nifty little postcard mailed to me with the dates of primaries and the general election, as well as where my polling place is. If you aren't in college and you haven't moved, still make sure you are registered, or just register again to make doubly sure! It can't hurt!

Of course, registering to vote doesn't mean you have to vote or will remember to vote (lucky for you, if you read this blog, I will remind you several times). It is still important to learn about all of the issues and find the candidate you feel comfortable voting for. Don't just go on (lying) political ads or even the speeches candidates give. Visit their websites, watch the debates, read/watch several news outlets and make your choice for yourself.

To register, you can visit many websites, but Rock the Vote has a form you can fill out online and then print to mail in. Fill it out here.

Consider this your first reminder ;)


At Thu Sep 11, 10:41:00 AM Habladora said...

Awesome! Keep getting the word out! And everyone should try to register early - my new state of GA has some tricks they try to pull to keep us carpetbaggers (well, can you be a carpetbagger from VA?) from the polls. We registered before the primaries and then were out of town for two weeks. When we returned, we had a form in the mail telling us we had to send it in within a week or we wouldn't be registered. In most states it's easy, but go sign up now just to be on the safe side.


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