Just a quick rant to (almost) end your day...

I hate clothing. I hate shopping. I hate shopping for clothing.

Especially jeans.

I am fortunate enough to have a nice-sized bootie. It's actually the smallest in my family, but it's still too big for "regular" clothes. I have all sorts of issues because of this. The most annoying thing is that my waist-ass-length proportions are ALWAYS, ALWAYS way off (no, really, all of the time!). Not just like cuff a little here, wear a belt for this pair. It's like swimming in my jeans and having them only held up by my butt and tripping on the rolled up legs.

That's annoying enough, but several people suggested that I buy skinny jeans that are made slightly bigger around the buttocks area for others with this problem. This seems to have worked and I now own two pairs that fit fairly well. No swimming, no rolling up, I'm good to go.


I'm now incredibly jealous of women with no butts who can wear their skinny jeans everywhere and not look...... vulgar? Especially work. People at my job can get away with wearing skinny jeans to work, but when I do it, I feel like a whore. I feel like everyone is just staring at my ass wondering why I didn't put more clothes on. I thought to myself, well, I'll just stop wearing the skinny jeans to work and I'll be fine. But now I'm incredibly self-conscious even in the regular jeans b/c things just look tighter. There's no point in getting a size bigger when the bigger size will need to be completely altered. That's just too much money that I don't have.

UGH!!!!! Okay, sorry for the ranting, but if I can't rant here, where can I rant?!

Please tell me somebody out there has figured out a solution to this problem, or at least has the problem so I don't think I'm crazy.


At Wed Sep 17, 05:26:00 PM zakstar said...

Have you tried myshape.com?

At Wed Sep 17, 05:46:00 PM Kekla said...

Well, I haven't solved the problem, but I can empathize. The biggest issue I have with jeans is the low-rise phenomenon. I'm tall, with plenty of butt and a long waist. Regular jeans fall like low rise on me. It's getting a little better, but for a while you could only find low-rise, ultra low rise, etc. If I find a pair big enough to go over my whole butt, the waist is so extremely large that it causes the denim to pucker oddly when I try to belt it.

I do find that a "boot cut" is more tolerant of booty. The flare at the base works to offset broad hips, so the waist/butt of those pants tend to be roomier. Skinny cuts never ever work for me. I've got shirt sleeves with larger circumference than some of those. I've repeatedly had the humiliating dressing room experience of not being able to get the things all the way up over my thighs - even when I picked something that ought to be several "numerical" sizes too big. Ugh.

My solution: I switched to skirts.

At Wed Sep 17, 05:53:00 PM frau sally benz said...

Ooh, I must try out this myshape.com business. Though, I can't quite figure out what my shape is--we'll see what happens!!

Kekla, I am so glad you have these issues too. Low-rise jeans are an invention of the devil. I have all of those problems with them, but they're still all I can find, so no fun there. I've been thinking a lot about skirts lately... maybe I'll try the switch.

BTW, your comment about the skinny jeans vs. shirt sleeves had me dying of laughter at work and now everybody thinks I'm crazy.

At Wed Sep 17, 06:54:00 PM Maxie said...

that's why 1) I like a little stretch in my jeans and 2) make my mom hem them for me. Without that i'd never be able to fit my ass into jeans

At Fri Sep 19, 05:18:00 PM Prima Donna Momma said...

Get petite sized jeans in your size. Go for wide legs...or flares... they are totally in this fall.

I'm 5 almost 4 feet tall and the jeans that looked best on me when I was a size 2 to 10 are hydraulic jeans. I own close 20. (I also think Hydraulics were made for petites- I never have to hem them) They are the BEST.

I purchase mine from Nordstrom. They are very affordable and look amazing. Never buy jeans online! You have to try them on. When you find a pair that fits you, buy 2!!!! One for work and one for play.

Good Luck!


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