I'm finally getting a chance to react to her speech, but I wanted to quickly talk about her for a second. I don't have any problems with Palin as a person, and she's got a good story of constantly winning as the underdog, so kudos to her (there's a good timeline here). I don't think the attacks on her or her children or her being a woman are necessary, because there's so much more in policy and her life as a politician to turn to! That said, on to the speech:

Her delivery was very good, for what it was. It was clear that her goal was to attack, and that's certainly what she did. She did not hold back at all, though at times I felt she wasn't really believing what she was saying. I've heard that a bulk of the speech was written by a speechwriter for Bush, so that might explain why. But overall, she spoke confidently and forcefully.

Also, although she didn't talk about any policies whatsoever, she did mention that as a mother of a special needs child (that was the phrase of the night, it seems), she would be an advocate for them. That was nice to hear because it often gets ignored and I can't think of any politician in recent memory who has made a statement like that.

My compliments (if you can call them that) end there. Like I said, she did not talk about policy, which annoyed me. As most of you have seen/heard by now, she was incredibly sarcastic, which I thought was unnecessary for the speech. She could have attacked Obama and Biden on the differences Republicans have on policy, or even attacked them personally without the sarcasm. It was not becoming of her (or of Giuliani).

I had braced myself for the usual Republican rhetoric, and I knew that there would be a lot of fibbing and exaggerating to get her point across, but some of the things she said were just flat out lies. I'm not talking about flip flopping on the "bridge to nowhere," because she can explain that away by saying that once she realized the money could be used another way, she changed her mind. I'm not even talking about the fact that she said her son was shipping out on 9/11, when he isn't (or she violated security codes).

I'm talking about the natural gas pipelines she claimed were being built that are not even close to being underway. She also tried to come across as being against earmark spending, when Alaska spends more per person on special projects than any other state. I'm talking about her claims that Obama will raise taxes for everyone, when his policy CLEARLY states that he will only raise taxes for the wealthiest in America and will actually CUT taxes for working families. (McCain also lied last night about Obama's plan hurting small business, when he clearly does not.)

So in the end, she's the perfect choice for Republicans because she fits right in. She's not afraid to have a dirty fight, she lies if necessary, and she disagrees with most of my beliefs.

What did you all think about her speech? I know it seems like ages ago now, but is there anything that stuck out?


At Fri Sep 05, 12:58:00 PM zakstar said...


Palin's record shows she cut 62% of the funding for special needs children for 2008 --- that's not the support most moms are looking for

At Fri Sep 05, 05:09:00 PM Maggie said...

I had similar reactions to yours. Although I think we give Palin too much credit when we say she lied. Given that a week ago she was just barely chosen, I guarantee the policy stuff is all coming straight from the McCain campaign. That bothers me, because I doubt she'll ever give us much of her own policies. I don't think she knows enough about Obama's tax cuts to know she's saying something false. Given her attitude about the election before her pick as VP, I don't think I'm being too hard on her.

I do think it unfortunate that she's basically just there to be a young, attractive woman and to spout McCain policy.

At Fri Sep 05, 11:07:00 PM frau sally benz said...

Wow, I can't believe I hadn't seen that stat. about Palin's record with special needs children. In my attempt to avoid all news Palin (quite the difficult task as all of you can imagine), I seem to be missing some really interesting stuff.

Maggie, your take on this might actually be right - making me even more depressed about this than I was before. It would almost be better if she was just the hard-hitting, deceitful Republican rather than allowing herself to be used to that extent. This election gets worse every day.

At Sun Sep 07, 06:32:00 PM Maxie said...

I haven't gotten around to watching Palin's speech as a whole yet, but I got to see a lot of it during the recaps.

This is totally unrelated to the actually speech, but the part about her that is most frustrating to me is that they won't let her talk to the press. How is America supposed to get to know her if she won't do interviews? It sucks that most people don't care enough to look beyond the party lines.

At Mon Sep 08, 11:17:00 AM frau sally benz said...

Maxie, I completely feel you on that one! I don't think the McCain campaign WANTS people to get to know her behind the superficial "look at me, I'm a regular person, just like you!" It's as if the repercussions of this decision haven't actually hit them yet: if McCain is elected and becomes incapacitated, SHE WILL BE PRESIDENT! Unbelievable.


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