I'm trying to stay objective, I really am. Normally, I like hearing both sides of a story, no matter how incredibly ridiculous the other side is. It's a strength and weakness.

But let me tell you, I think I've reached my breaking point. I'm watching some of this RNC coverage, but it is making me want to throw up. Literally.

I can put up with most of the stupid rhetoric crap that Republicans dish out on a regular basis. I'm used to it.

But some of the crap they're saying tonight is simply outrageous.

Especially Giuliani. Making fun of Obama for being a community organizer, and saying that he voted "present" because "he couldn't figure out whether to vote yes or no, it was too tough." No, Giuliani, you never voted present, but you didn't even recognize that people needed help before and after 9/11 that had nothing to do with you being a national hero. We probably could have used even more community organizers at that time to deal with the problems we had. And, "the least experienced candidate for the President of the United States in at least the last 100 years." Can you send me your footnotes on that please? Thanks. And if Palin had more executive experience in day one as a Mayor than Obama and Biden combined, what does McCain have? Um, okay.

Cut the crap, Rudy. Nobody even remembered you were still in office until 9/11, so can you just get over that already? Get off your high horse and come back down to reality.

And one final note, was Romney serious with that speech?! I'm going to have to find it so all of you folks can see it. He was basically giving all the examples of what's wrong with the government right now and blamed it on liberals. Has he been sleeping for the past 8 years?! REPUBLICANS ARE IN POWER! HELLO!!! The problems with government don't come from liberals, they come from people like you!

I'm going to keep trying, but we'll see what happens.


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