Alaska is first in the nation for rapes, and second for domestic violence. The state trooper -- the one Palin fired -- was one of the state's biggest advocates for women on these issues. In fact, when Palin was criticized for not taking these issues seriously, she used the state trooper's work as evidence that she did and complimented him on the job he was doing.

This story really speaks for itself, doesn't it?

Habladora over at The Feminist Underground has a post up about what it means to be pro-woman. It is not enough to be a woman. You must advocate for women.

I do not in any way expect ALL women to make it their life's work to move women forward or push policy changes to advance women's rights. But it is incredible to me that somebody with the ambition to become a Mayor and then Governor, and now Vice Presidential candidate to NOT make it part of their life's work to do this.

That's why it's not enough that she is a woman. It's simply not enough.

Sure, I can recognize that it's significant that she is the first VP nominee of the Republican party and that it will be a historic election regardless of who wins. I get it. And as somebody who wants young girls and women to participate in all levels of government, that's why I find it all the more upsetting when I learn about things like this about Palin.

The more time goes by, the more disappointed I am.

You can read the article about this over at ABC News, and watch the GMA story about it at the article, or directly at this link.


At Fri Sep 12, 02:16:00 AM zakstar said...

you should double check, but i think alaska also has the highest rate of incest in the country. . . the gold ribbons just keep on coming

At Fri Sep 12, 11:40:00 AM Habladora said...

Alright, this is getting scary. More than not being actively pro-woman, she seems to be downright anti-woman.

And I really think that, regardless of our jobs, people can be pro-woman in their everyday lives. Counselors, teachers, bankers, and particularly parents - everybody can help to ensure that the women in their lives have equal rights and opportunities and are treated with respect. Or they can work to see that rights, freedoms, and respect are denied to women. I fear that Palin is one of the latter.


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