So, last week was a big week for me. Amidst the complete chaos that was my paid and unpaid work life, I did have some exciting news on the blogging front.

First, I reached 2,000 visits on my sitemeter. Woohoo for me! ("I'd like to thank all the little people that I had to step on to get here.") I must say that having stopped checking my sitemeter regularly, I was losing track of visits. Then I checked some time mid-week and noticed that I was almost at 2K. I checked back on Thursday and realized I had done it. Excitement and celebration would have ensued if work wasn't driving me crazy, but now that the weekend has gone rather smoothly, I was pretty darn happy to have accomplished such a feat. Okay, not a big deal in the long-run, but little things make me happy when I'm otherwise bummed.

Second, I have 11 subscribers on Google Reader! Also not a big number, but the last time I checked (I think about 2-3 weeks ago), I only had 3, and I knew all of them! Since then, I actually lost 2 of the people I knew personally, so all those other people are strangers! HI PEOPLE! Thanks for subscribing and taking the jump with me every day. Sweet!

My other big news? I got my first real troll! I know what you're thinking, this is nothing to celebrate b/c trolls are no good. But, considering that just a while back I could count on my two hands the number of people who actually read my blog, let alone commented, this is awesome! It made me think of Habladora's (absolutely hilarious) post about what to expect from feminist blogging, and now I feel like I've made it. I've hit the big the time! =D

Now if only I could get over my writer's block, I'd be totally set!


At Sun Sep 07, 10:49:00 PM aviva dv said...

Congratulations on all fronts! I hope to achieve your level of greatness some day...and I mean that in all seriousness. A troll, imagine! :)

(By the way, I'm from Fourth Wave Feminism...this is my other account.)

At Mon Sep 08, 10:36:00 AM FeministGal said...

Congrats!!! and i was also (secretly) excited when i got my first troll hahaha :) I know we're not supposed to engage with them, but it's a little fun... :)

At Mon Sep 08, 11:12:00 AM frau sally benz said...

Thanks folks!

I was so shocked to even get the troll's comment, that I didn't really know what to do!


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