What happened to my Google Reader?! In the past, the "From My Google Reader" section on the sidebar down yonder has acted up and either doesn't update for several hours, or doesn't appear for a bit, etc. Usually if I refresh the page a few times, wait a bit and then go back to the page, everything is back to normal.

I've now been checking for a number of hours (I'm working on my updated layout -- HOLLER!), and it hasn't been working pretty much for as long as I can remember today. When I go to the actual "gadget," it says that I don't have any blogs listed. Huh??

Is anybody else having trouble? Does this have anything to do with that "following" business?! I don't much like when Blogger updates interfere with my regularly scheduled programming.

I could just shut my trap and update the darn thing, but that's so annoying! Plus, I'm entirely too tired to deal with this crap.

UPDATE: I've been checking other people's blogs, and nobody else is having this problem! UGH!!


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