Sorry for my little unofficial blogging hiatus. I would love to say that I was too busy soaking up the sun to blog, but really I just had a lot of work to catch up on. I did get to relax a bit more than usual over the holiday weekend, but for me that just means playing Scramble on Facebook and watching TV with my guy.

But enough about me!

I hope you all were able to keep up with your blog-hopping over the weekend, because they were definitely active!

Of course, the nomination of Sarah Palin as GOP VP has countless blogs buzzing about it. I doubt that I have any energy to post about her, so I'll only say to please take it easy with the sexism, try to keep the rumor-spreading to a minimum, and don't even bother buying her biography. (It's mostly fluff with about 30 pages of pictures and bigger font than I've read since elementary school.)

Aside from that, here are some goodies I found:

Maggie at The Feminist Underground highlights historic African-American women at the DNC. A little dose of inspiration is a great way to start the week.

Professor, What If
introduces us to another obnoxious, self-esteem crushing, bride fitness website. Can these companies just stop already?! Please? (FYI, skinny bride is still the #1 keyword that directs people to my blog.)

In case you haven't heard by now, Amy Goodman and two other Democracy Now! journalists were arrested at the RNC. profbwoman has a video of Amy Goodman's arrest, and an interview after her release is up at Bitch Ph.D.

Amy from Appetite for Equal Rights shares images from Vogue's latest photoshoot. I'm unbelievably disgusted, and you should go see why.

And, to end on a light note, Amy also shares my love for Lucy. The mini-marathon on TV Land yesterday was just too short for me. More Lucy, please!

I gave away how tired I am by post title typo... I suppose bar-hopping can bear bar-hopping too in some weird way.


At Tue Sep 02, 09:41:00 PM Renee said...

I am queen of the type I get it LOL. I went to that organization that you linked to but they didn't have alot of information about what they do on a grass roots level I was wondering if you could provide more info. I am always interested in learning about groups that work towards making a better life for women.


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