Unless you've tuned out of the election (which is completely understandable), you know that we're all aflutter with Vice President predictions.

I signed up for the text from the Obama campaign as soon as I got the email - I just couldn't help myself. But even though there was a buzz that today would be the day, I've got nothing! I've been checking my phone all day, and not one single text from Obama! What you waiting for?!

I actually have no idea why, but I've been on edge about this ever since I heard it on Hardball on Monday. I'm almost more worked up about this announcement than I was waiting for the announcement of HP7's title.

Whilst we wait, check out what is, by far, my favorite Veep prediction analysis.


At Wed Aug 20, 02:37:00 PM FeministGal said...

you know why this is especially ironic?!?! Because McCain has admitted to not knowing how to use the computer! AHHHHHHHH

(oh and i tried to give you props back on feministing and half my comments kept getting eaten! So frustrating! I was trying to say i <3 you back!!! lol)

At Thu Aug 21, 09:27:00 AM frau sally benz said...

McCain is such a weirdo. All of his campaign's attempts at being cool fail miserably.


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