There are a couple of (FREE) events I think folks in the NY area might like to know about. I'll definitely be attending at least one of these, possibly both.

September 18 @6:30 p.m.
The Women's Mosaic is hosting a launch party for CHICKS ROCK!, a blog launching in September.

Meet the bloggers and learn more about TWM!

On Monday, September 15th, The Women's Mosaic will launch CHICKS ROCK!, the new blog that will give women a vehicle to share their experiences related to diversity, empowerment and personal growth. The four bloggers will be at the event so you can meet them in person, and you can learn more about what's planned for the rest of the year so you can get involved.

Cash bar, drink specials, & snacks! Happy Hour prices for the whole event!

Click to RSVP at Meetup or email (okay, yes, that's me).


September 19-20
The Institute for Research on Women and Gender is hosting a conference: “What is Feminist Politics Now? Local and Global”

The conference will explore:
* The changing meanings of feminism, and its goals (intellectual, social and political) in a global context: to examine whether these meanings can any longer be contained within the rubric of common social agendas.
* Emerging social movements within the United States and beyond, including those that foster the collective interests of women across national, class, religious, and racial borders; the common interests of women and men; and those that call for greater individual autonomy.
* Questions about how women within the post-industrial west can effectively relate to, and remain engaged with, issues that arise from diverse locations and affect differently situated women in different ways.

Click for more details and to register.


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