BUMP BUMP BUMP: I'm moving this post up (originally from 8/22) because there are only two weeks left to take action. The deadline is September 25, so please take action today. Details at the end of the post.


As we know, Bush just loves taking away women's reproductive rights, as do most anti-choicers (they call themselves pro-lifers, but we're not stupid, we know what they're doing).

The latest: HHS regulation which would not only guarantee doctors the right to refuse performing abortions, but also to refuse giving you a referral for an abortion. It doesn't stop there though, it also uses confusing language to blur the line between abortion and contraception.
This all seems to make perfect sense for people like Bush and McCain, who believe (wrongfully so) that human rights begin at conception (see this video for just one example). The crazy thing is that birth control is a great way to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place, therefore decreasing the need for abortions. Of course, proper sex education would also do that. For some reason, these people can't get that through their heads.

This is all over the blogosphere, so I won't get into too much detail (you can see some great pieces here, here, and here), but I really want to stress to everyone that we need to take action.

NARAL has an email campaign that you can use to send letters to your representatives. Planned Parenthood also has one.

It doesn't get any easier than that.


At Wed Sep 17, 01:43:00 PM Habladora said...

Yes, its very important to comment before the deadline! Thanks for the reminder!


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