Well now, isn't this interesting?! Check out this piece about men who are fighting for their rights to wear skirts.

The reason I find this so interesting is because I often bring up the issue of skirts when I am trying to convince people that masculinity and femininity cannot possibly be biological or else there wouldn't be so many social/cultural differences. As the article points out, there are articles of clothing in other cultures (consider kilts, sarongs, kaftans and the djellaba) that are like skirts. This doesn't take away from their masculinity, so why is it so appalling in the West?

I'm sure you see where I'm going with this: Masculine men in the West aren't supposed to wear skirts. If masculinity is natural and it's unmasculine for men to wear skirts, then it wouldn't be okay for men in other cultures to wear skirts either. (This is usually the point where the person looks at me like I just made them step in dog poop and I move on to another example.)

What I also have to comment on in regards to the actual article is that it was actually serious and objective. It's not that I think ABC News is generally not objective, but you can never be too wary of how the media will present stories like this. There could have been tons of skirt jokes, or they could have downplayed the prevalence of skirts in other cultures, but they didn't, and that's cool.

(Now, if they had taken this to the next level and added the layer of challenging the notions of masculinity itself, it would have been more to my liking, but I suppose that's just asking for a bit too much.)

All of that said, I'm all about these men wearing their skirts! One man in the article points out that skirts actually make more sense for men. I, for one, don't understand how men can possible find pants that comfortable. *Lightbulb* Maybe this explains the whole baggy pants worn halfway down the butt trend! They just do it to have more room down there! This would make skirts a win/win: men can be more comfortable and the rest of us can be spared all the boxers we're forced to look at.

I can't help but wonder, though, would men start fearing the possibility of being objectified? Would they now be the victims of cameras up their skirts? And, if so, would that make them stop doing it to women?


At Tue Aug 05, 02:59:00 PM Anonymous said...

I know that I find many types of skirts way more comfortable than pants, and I don't even have a penis. I can't imagine what would possess a dude to want to wear pants.

As soon as I pay off my credit card debt I am buying a Utilikilt. It's the ideal skirt - loose enough to be comfortable, but with plenty of pockets.

At Wed Aug 06, 07:36:00 AM Radical Reminders said...

"I can't help but wonder, though, would men start fearing the possibility of being objectified? Would they now be the victims of cameras up their skirts? And, if so, would that make them stop doing it to women?"

I don't know,i think it takes a progressive man to want to wear a skirt - one that is forward thinking and lives (tries to live) outside the lines of gender. With that said, i think this is the type of man who wouldn't shove a camera up a girl's skirt in the first place... or so i hope ;)

At Wed Aug 06, 08:41:00 AM habladora said...

I'm grumpy and cynical today, so I'm going to say that being objected to some sort of harassment doesn't necessarily make the victim less likely to turn right around and harass someone else in the same way.

Ask again tomorrow when I will, hopefully, have more time for fun blogging rather than stinky job hunting and maybe you'll get a different answer.


At Wed Aug 06, 09:07:00 AM sally said...

I want a Utilikilt! Gotta add that to my shopping list.

It might sound odd, but my hope is that if people started comparing the size of their packages b/c of peeping tomery, men might at least feel what it's like to be objectified in that way. Something tells me they wouldn't like it much.

At Wed Aug 06, 08:48:00 PM Anonymous said...

Those utilikilts look super great, but their "mock-u-mmercials" are absolutely terrible.

At Sun Aug 10, 08:47:00 PM Unknown said...

Hopped over here from Feministe :-)

I, too, am pleasantly surprised at how neutral the ABC article is. Surprised because earlier this week my fiance and I were watching Headline News (we were stuck in our hotel room and there was literally nothing else on), where they had an "odd news" segment that discussed a man who works for the USPS wanting to get kilts included as a uniform option AND "mantyhose" - tights/nylons for men. The male newscaster was a complete dick the entire time - you could definitely tell he was extremely uncomfortable at the thought of men stepping outside of "masculine" clothing choices!

At Fri Feb 06, 07:48:00 AM Anonymous said...

And what is wrong with that? Is that your opinion that MEN have to wear just pants..... like you maybe?
What is the point?
I am always surprised to read (or hear) that men have to stay with their clothing - but there is no specific reasion to this explained.

How can you handle it that women do what they want -nobody ask about that, nobody excuses, and men have to defend always themselve what they are doing - even in dressing? I think it is time that men should go over that barriere and jump onto "new water-streams" and women have to go back one step and should just do one thing they promised to their spouses when got married: I want to support you, in good and in bad times.................

At Fri Feb 06, 07:58:00 AM sally said...

Hmm... Anonymous, I appreciate you stopping by the blog, but I see you didn't at all read the post. My second troll, YIPPEE!

It also seems that you think I'm a man?? Interesting...

At Tue Feb 24, 03:07:00 PM Anonymous said...

Hi frau benz; Great that you'd appriciate that I stopped my comments. but that was happen accidently.
Sorry.... you are right, I did not read all comments before I answered. By now I did it, finally.

It is right, first I thought you're male because your point of view seemed to me as a male position - might be wrong.
Anyway, I love to see more comments, even it looks like that the "great time" for skirted men coming soon. maxx

At Fri Mar 06, 02:07:00 PM Anonymous said...

Skirts for men will only catch on when men become as brave, strong, determined and self confident as women are. Most men basically are cowards who lack self confidence, and only gain their confidence and strength by what other men and women tell them and dictate them.

I believe that is the reason that most men do not want to be confronted with the skirted issue, because they know exactly why they want to talk about.
I think that a skirt or even dress fit a man better than a pair of pants, I can imagine that it must be more comfortable for the male body, so what is the reason that just few men wearing skirts?
I could read in some corners of the internet that men do not like to wear a skirt or saying just 'never', but I could not find any comment which explains thruthful a tiny little reason why they have this opinion - it might be because they can't find one because there is just NO reason.
I would love to see men in skirts, looking manly and strong, self-confident, determind ..........
Just a girl!

At Fri Mar 06, 11:10:00 PM Danny said...

Most men basically are cowards who lack self confidence, and only gain their confidence and strength by what other men and women tell them and dictate them.
So deciding not to wear a skirt is a sign of cowardice? Does this mean that women who don't wear skirts (and they are out there) are also lacking on confidence and are awaiting to be dictated to?

Or are you just trying to pick a fight?

At Sat Mar 07, 09:27:00 AM sally said...

Thanks for getting to that comment first, Danny!

I, too, take issue with the idea that men are cowards for not wearing skirts and that somehow makes women superior.

First of all, if it's considered cowardice to do what's become a social norm, then women aren't brave for wearing skirts because that's been the traditional standard anyway. (Using your logic, that would actually mean women who wear skirts are cowards.)

But, really, whether men or women wear skirts or pants is just about cultural differences and what is accepted within the norms in those cultures.

So, to correct your statement, I might say:
Skirts for men will only catch on when... more men in Western societies start wearing them. If a few designers and brands really start marketing skirts as comfortable, attractive, and fashionable, then it might start to pick up. However, I don't expect this to be a fast process at all because of the resistance to doing anything remotely feminine.

At Mon Mar 09, 09:29:00 AM Anonymous said...

Not pickin' a fight, just try to open eyes and give ideas to think about a new issue. I said it in general first, and then regarding the issue of changing some ideas, even in the "western world". But let me know why men let dictating them what they have to do, to wear? (other countries in Asia don't have a problem with the men skirted issue).

frau sally benz;
I agree, but in case of cultural differences I would have some addtions. I 'll come up with this later, because of the different topic.
(just a girl)

At Mon Mar 09, 12:36:00 PM Anonymous said...

Interesting comments. I'm a guy wearing skirts since 15 years because of bad legs - have to wear support stockings and that does not fit with pants when hot.
Nobody really took notice in past mostly indifferent reactions, but since December I always get question and comments from men: "looks nice, looks great on you, want to buy one need help, finally somebody breaks the rules, etc. .."
Never I had negative comments from women, sometimes a surprised view from a girl, now I get smile's.

Let me know what made this changes happen? Just somebody announced that men can wear skirts in public or that the skirt fashion for men has reached the mainstream?
Tell me your opinion and we can discuss about the comments from "girl"

At Wed Mar 11, 07:41:00 AM Anonymous said...

It is time to change, not only a president said that, it is a try since several years for men also.

I think it is a good think and I want to support this idea, because it is not just extending the wardrobe for men, it also takes away the pressure for women and girls that a skirt could be seen as a sign of weakness or as an erotic toy.
Men looking great in it, and when using it as a manly man, selfconfident and proud, I think almost all styles of skirt can fit them (I am not taking about super-mini-skirts). I liked all men seen before in skirts, using it as a garment only. Interesting: Compare to other men, they were always smiling. How come?
I don't care want men wearing under it, it has to be always their own choice.

At Thu Mar 12, 09:16:00 AM Anonymous said...

A skirt is a garment, nothing more or less.
I have a problem to understand that some men have problem to step a little bit toward 'feminin' direction, in this case wearing a skirt or dress.
Really, I think some people living in a very small world, nothing more is existing than two sexes and their gender promoted clothing close around them. If this people would look around in the world -yes, there is something else around continents called countries, cultures, believe me -
and you'll find a lot of answers for the main question: Shall a man wear a skirt, can he do it, isn't it a female garment????? [very uncomfortable to think about because nobody can answer this question. People only have opinions about, but opinions are not helpful for an answer - verybody is unique]

Yes, I think it is time that men should wear all they want to make life more comfortable and easier.

At Fri Mar 13, 09:14:00 PM Justin Hall said...

Skirts will not catch on with men for the very same reason that for the most part women don't ware them either, they are terribly impractical. Go to a grocery store and look at the women shopping, most wear pants. About the only time you see women wearing skirts is either for sex appeal or status. Go to an upscale grocery store and you will see more skirts and heels for example. The simple plain historical fact is that skirts for men fell out of fashion with the rise of the industrial revolution. Now I work a desk so it would not matter, but in my younger years I worked some real ball buster jobs, a skirt just would have been plain silly and dangerous. So if they are not practical what does that leave, sex appeal and status. Well weather you like it or not men are valued for what we can do, accomplish not what our legs look like. Women really do not place anywhere near the importance on appearance that we do when evaluating them. As for status, well yeah so its fun and neat to wear a kilt to a wedding, you don't see women wearing brides dresses to work tho do you? Skirts are not coming back for either gender in our culture for casual wear. Further speaking only for myself, I will not subjugate the public to seeing my skinny white chicken legs

At Tue Mar 17, 09:01:00 AM Anonymous said...

Justin, you might be right. And it's not everbody's wish to show white skinny chicken legs - or just use some kind of pantyhose.

I am a clear supporter for men in skirts because I learned that men's clothing are too uniform, and nothing else could be more comfortable for male bodies than skirts or dresses for men.

We are living in a sexualized world (especially in western societies) which produces an enourmous pressure on female, and one negative point could be solved with men in skirts: The skirt is not anymore a sign for "weakness" (catagorized and simplified: women are weak because wearing skirts). I am going with the sentence from a famous Dutch women: "The emancipation is finished when men wearing skirts".
But that is just one point of view. I think men in skirts are more manly, more self-confident and stronger than men in pants. Pants are just a uniform garment, there is no new creativity, innovation, no specified expression possibilities, just a garment hanging from the waist in divieded pieces down, covering legs and lower body as one. Same color, same fabric, same pattern, nothing else, just boring.
We have learned that pants are for men - nobody talks about women in pants, because it is a kind of fashion, so let's talk about reals men in skirts, because skirt for men are in fashion. And, we should not measure with two kind of measurements, because we all want equality. It does not include the outfit neccessarily, but a skirt make much more sense to an man than pants.
We have just to think a little bit different and we should renew our old "men's-style picture" which is not anymore true.
So, encourged men, go and get a skirt.

At Tue Mar 17, 06:24:00 PM Danny said...

The skirt is not anymore a sign for "weakness" (catagorized and simplified: women are weak because wearing skirts).

I think men in skirts are more manly, more self-confident and stronger than men in pants.

These two sentences sound a lot like "The clothes make the man." I've noticed in my day that trying to get a read on someone by their clothes is a bad indicator.

And not only that but its said that skirts are a sign of weakness that has been applied to women. If the skirt needs to be reclaimed who should be the ones reclaiming it?

I'm all for guys wearing skirts but trying to us to wear them because "they are a sign of confidence" is baiting and right down there with telling a woman she should her hair down because it "makes he look cuter."

At Wed Mar 18, 01:39:00 PM sally said...

*sigh* Oh Danny, I'm so glad you've got more patience than I when it comes to these things.

I'm very surprised this post still gets so many visits and that it's still being commented on.

Skirts and pants are great! Everyone should wear whatever they want. Try some on, see if they're comfy, and go for it!

At Thu Mar 19, 07:40:00 AM Anonymous said...

Best answer "frau sally benz"!
Let everybody wear all they want and finally stop this question if men can wear skirts because they can do it. Just feel comfortable, that must be the #1.

At Sun Mar 29, 02:54:00 PM Anonymous said...

I would say in addition: Men, just do it! Go and wear skirts whenever you like!

At Wed Apr 01, 06:12:00 PM Anonymous said...

Why is it questioned, men in skirts?
I hope that this topic will be gone pretty soon, because it is not a question.
Originally men wore skirts, just skirts, and if you look at anatomy so you'll see that a pair of pants is not for men. Look at his back, flat like an ironboard, even Armani can not create better pants, best clothes for men are skirts. Period.

At Sat Apr 04, 06:49:00 PM Anonymous said...

I am going with frau sally benz: Men go and wear skirts, it is for your health too, never show up as cowards. mel

At Thu Apr 09, 01:12:00 PM Anonymous said...

Yes, I am okay with skirted men and I like it very much. But please wear proper underwear when wearing mini skirts. Don't forget to practice bending and sitting down. anna

At Thu Apr 09, 03:51:00 PM Anonymous said...

I really do wish it was all as simple as some here want to make it. It really isn't. I am a skirt wearer. But I guess here in the south, most just aren't realdy for it. I get negative comments if I go out wearing a skirt. Not to mention the loud laughs, pointing, and whistles. Yes, yes, I know women have endured this for sometime, but the difference is that when they get whistles, they are given as a compliment. Yes I do wear my skirts in and around my house. But when I need to leave, I take it off and put on my pants. It's just better that way. I hope for the day that I can truly feel free to wear my skirts......and dresses. I have a couple of plain dresses that I bought sometime ago, but have never worn out. When I do wear my skirts, I never attempt in any way to look feminine or like a female, I am just a man wearing a skirt. My skirts are mostly made of denim and are different colors; blue, tan, and brown. I do have one that is dark blue in color, but made of a very light fabric and very comfortable to wear. My two dresses are both blue, one dark and one on the lighter side. Both zip up the back, and neither have any sort of adornment of any kind. Just simple, plain dresses. Both are short sleeve. My skirts all fall just above my knee, and my dresses both fall just below my knee. I would not object to shaving my legs if that was the prevailing attitude that I should, but the hair on my legs is very light. As far as my very white legs are concerned, I have no problem with wearing hose. The stay-up thigh high stockings work just fine. So yes, I am a proud skirt wearer, and hope for the day that it is common and truly acceptable.

At Mon Apr 13, 10:14:00 AM T. R Xands said...

Whoo I'm jumping in on the infamous skirt thread! To add nothing really.

Last Anony:

Yes, yes, I know women have endured this for sometime, but the difference is that when they get whistles, they are given as a compliment.

Hah! Hah! Hah! No.

It's more like women are whistled at because we're only seen as nice looking props for the benefit of males. It's not always a compliment when some random person is whistling at you for your clothes, man or woman O.o

I also live in the South, and the South is hardly ready for any change. Hah! Hah! Alright I'm done.

At Mon Apr 13, 08:01:00 PM sally said...

I'm with Xands on this one, the whistling at women is harassment, plain an simple. Being whistle at is not only obnoxious and annoying, but disrespectful. It seems that the whistling you experience, Anon, is also harassment, albeit more malicious.

I don't think many of the commenters on this thread would argue that breaking this norm would/will be easy, but I do think the more men are encouraged to do it individually, the easier it might be over time.

At Sun Apr 19, 05:14:00 PM Anonymous said...

Sometimes I have to ask why some people cannot accept the freedom of dressing! I think I'll never get an answer for that.
For those who think that skirts are 'not manly' I ask you: Are you so foolish to believe that your masculinity is nothing more than what you can’t wear? Even though women often choose not to wear skirts either.
So where is the problem? Just in some people's heads. It shouldn't be, and we are struggling with that the whole time.
Nothing else I can recommend: Men, if you want to wear skirt, just do it, but in public. Show that you are a manly man and let everybody know how proud you are.

At Thu Apr 30, 05:45:00 AM Anonymous said...

Nothing makes more sense than put men in skirts or dresses because of their body. That's it. Period.

At Thu Apr 30, 05:33:00 PM Anonymous said...

@T.R.Xsands; You said the South is not ready for a change.... then you have to make the change. That the only way to change something. Just waitin' and ck'in that somebody else will start.... that never will happen, and nobody won't start, because dear men want to wait for each other.
But by the way, I saw more manly skirter running in urban areas of Miami/FL, mostly Utilikilts last year.

At Sat May 02, 12:47:00 PM Anonymous said...

We are talking about trend fashion, men’s skirts and we don’t know how a skirt is looking on men. We are judging just about our past experience and narrowed imagination. What a lie, grand lie we are doing to us, and we do not feel ashamed when we are giving our ‘opinion’ about this new issue.
Everybody knows that the skirts, or even dresses, on men, is a beginning of a new area of dressing choices for men since they were put in pants after the French Revolution. For male’s body shape, on further their health there is no better garment for him than a skirt. We are saying in public NO, because skirts are women’s garment because in western societies used by women the past 210 years, even we know that more than 50% of all men on this world still wearing skirts because those men just follow the rule that clothes have to adapt to the body, the body to climate and environment – form follows function.
We are continuing lying because we are saying that we will do the best for our comfort, health and practicability. Men don’t.
Keep going on with lying is, that we really do not care what is going with health and comfort of men when it touches our imagination of sex-related dressing. It seems to me a very single-track what we are doing and it is not the truth nor does it reflect the reality. To come to the summit we women go about that away to assign all rights to us what pleased us, and get full support from men, mostly our husband. We name that then generously emancipation but lament our self that we do not have all the rights such men have. Do we not have the same rights, do we use more rights compare to men because we are women?
Please stop lying and start thinking critically. The truth would be closer and we could see that new men’s fashion is just one step in the right direction. We should support men when wearing men’s skirt and dress, because they are helping to get rid of old unwritten fashion directions and false statements.

At Sun May 03, 05:55:00 PM Anonymous said...

Wow, nice comment and I would say this comment says a lot. But I don't think that many will take it seriously. Yes, I like to see men in skirts. I did see a man recently and I was surprised how good a skirt can look on men.

At Tue May 05, 01:49:00 PM sally said...

Just a general comment that it's becoming for confusing for us non-Anonymous people to follow this conversation when everyone's name is "Anonymous." Can everyone list a pseudonym when you comment further please? I don't care what it is -- skirt wearer, skirt hater, this guy, that guy, gal #1, gal #2, whatever.

That said, do you have a link or something for this stat??
even we know that more than 50% of all men on this world still wearing skirts because those men just follow the rule that clothes have to adapt to the bodyNot trying to call you out, just genuinely curious because it'd be interesting to look into.

At Tue May 05, 03:22:00 PM Danny said...

I'm all for wearing what you want so I find funny to see the two Anonymi comment as if choosing not to wear a skirt any reason other than conformity is just as wrong as conformity. While the revolution may start with men wearing skirts the sign that the revolution has succeeded will be when everyone (or at least a whole hell of a lot of people) has an open mind about skirts.

At Fri May 15, 02:42:00 PM Anonymous said...

Just to make it clear, I'm going with "anonymous" but signed with Jes.
I don't know where this 50% cmae from, I know that must be more than this number (Africa, Asia, India, Japan, New Zealand, Southeast-Asia) most men waering any kind of skirts. Just Europe and North-America have less than 2%skirt wearer.
I do not have any problems to see men in skirts. This clothing gives them a huge touch of 'special', makes them manly and strong. I don't care what others might think when I am looking to this guys, it is amazing how wonderful men can look like.

At Tue May 19, 06:03:00 AM Anonymous said...

I'm wearing skirts in public because I have to wear support stockings every day. Using it under pants is a torture, now I can feel a little more comfortable. What I heard so far was nothing else like: "I'm pleased to see you", or "Looks great" "Awesome", "Terrific" etc.

It looks like a lot of people want to see a difference.

At Sun May 24, 06:08:00 PM Anonymous said...

Yeah, I only can confirm last posting. Recently I wore my first skirt in public, and a very positive reaction came up. Thanks to all even you don't know me, and thanks to all positive writers which helped me to make the decision to wear a skirt, finally.


At Sun Jun 28, 12:19:00 PM Anonymous said...

I am going with the new fashion trend for men, finally something different to wear.
It is sad that we have to discuss if it is appropriate for men to wear skirts and dresses. Did we discuss was is appropriate to wear for women? It's a pitiful sign of in-equality of sexes. And some men and women do not see the reality what is really going on with that.

Of course, men can wear skirts and dresses, and I am not looking in the past when they did it, just a little bit common sense and everybody knows that here is no better wardrobe available which fits best for males body shape. So, why the questions? What is more important, health and comfort in contrast to old fashion imagination? Can't wait to see some answers to my question.

At Thu Jul 02, 04:44:00 PM Anonymous said...

Skirts on men - Good idea - long overdue in my opinion.
Skirts for men are just a kind of wardrobe, but way more variability than pants. And I believe much more comfortable, and not just for the lower body, also for legs. Waiting for the men who are going with this trend.

At Mon Jul 13, 05:45:00 PM Anonymous said...

Posting April says: "Nothing makes more sense than men in skirts". Must be written by a male, but very true.
Nothing to add, it's true because of males body shape. Pants must be a torture, or?
Time for change, so do it, men go on - in skirts.

At Mon Aug 17, 07:17:00 AM SkirtedMan said...

Hi, my name is SkirtedMan and I have a site for Manly men who wear skirts and kilts in a masculine way. NO crossdressers or Drag Queens there. Just real men who prefer the comfort of a skirt or kilt over the "trouser tyranny" of that torture device called a "crotch" where they have to decide which side of to stick the most important body parts a man has to be squashed and heated to melting on a summers day, driving anywhere. Come by and check us out please at http://skirts4men.myfreeforum.org/

At Mon Aug 17, 07:23:00 AM sally said...

SkirtedMan, totally love that you want to have a resource and community for skirt-wearing men. But this: "NO crossdressers or Drag Queens there. Just real men" ... totally NOT appropriate.

Crossdressers and drag queens who identify as men, are real men. They're not fake men. Period. End of story. I would ask that you reevaluate your words and judgment, particularly given the fact that the men you want to help with your site are probably discriminated against regularly. I would hope that you'd have a better approach than this.

At Tue Aug 18, 08:23:00 PM Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, OLD guy here. Yep 65plus. I love and wear kilts all around. I also like and wear tailored A-line skirts. The skirt is super comfortable, waaay better than trowsers. Usually I get a few odd looks. A lot of positive comments and of course a few remarks from idiots. Mostly people just ignore the clothes.

At Wed Aug 19, 06:19:00 AM Sht4Brains said...

Frau Sally Benz, your opinion is good for you, but semantics aside, WE don't want crossdressers or drag queens as members at our site. I'm just trying to save males that are into CD'ing or DQ'ing an unhappy trip to our site. If they join and identify as a CD, TV, DQ or anything other than a masculine manly dressing male who prefers a manly skirt or kilt instead of trousers, their registration will be deleted. Nothing personal, we have our rights to have whatever kind of site we want, just as you do, Sally.

Sally said:Crossdressers and drag queens who identify as men, are real men. They're not fake men.

They are real males. To be a MAN is a frame of mind, male is a physical fact.

At Wed Aug 19, 06:43:00 AM sally said...

Sht4Brains, as I mention in my other post, if you don't want to allow people who identify as crossdressers or transgendered men or drag queens into your space, then that's prerogative. I appreciate and understand the value of women of color only spaces, for example, when the idea is to first discuss things "in-house" so to speak. I'm not taking away anybody's right.

However, I still take issue with saying that those men are not real men. You say yourself: "To be a MAN is a frame of mind" -- which is exactly what I'm saying: "Crossdressers and drag queens who identify as men, are real men."

Also, you say "trying to save males that are into CD'ing or DQ'ing an unhappy trip to our site."
1) I don't think they need saving.
2) Why would they be unhappy at your site? Is it because you speak regularly insult them or something? Because I see no other reason for you to say this.
3) If they are unhappy visiting your site, they will stop visiting. You don't need to exclude them from the start. Unless #2 does, in fact, apply to you.

At Fri Aug 21, 07:13:00 PM Anonymous said...

If you'd read frau sally benz' comments in past you'll see that she goes with "everybody should wear they like" but she makes the difference between "real Men" and drags, transvestites. difference. I am going with that, that men when wearing skirts have to be confident, and whatever they
I understand that there is a huge wear must be visible and go together with a "real men". Some blogs talking about that "Real Men SHOULD Wear Skirts", no space for drags etc.
I also agree that men should wear skirts because of their body shape, and when you know that men's private area should 1 degree cooler than the rest of the body, "to be a real man" then we have to ask how this could be arranged with any kind of pants.

At Fri Aug 21, 09:18:00 PM Danny said...

I also agree that men should wear skirts because of their body shape, and when you know that men's private area should 1 degree cooler than the rest of the body, "to be a real man" then we have to ask how this could be arranged with any kind of pants.

Simple make sure they aren't too tight.

I love coming back to this post it feels like picking up a book you're read a thousand times but you manage to see something new each time anyway!

At Tue Aug 25, 06:02:00 PM Anonymous said...

Danny, even when pants wouldn't too tight you'll have the body temp but for sure never 1 degree cooler. Impossible! Arabs know that and all men in Africa too, but they getting more westernized or better pantinized (a new word for the dictionary).

By the way, our male ancestors knew that and wore only skirts.
We are heading to the same point, I guess

At Thu Aug 27, 06:25:00 PM Anonymous said...

In my humbled opinion I just can say that some people have a problem with 'real' men and men. As I learned in science men have their reproduction organs out of the body. Think about how pants cold hurt them.
So, what makes a men? Pants? Oh my gosh, 90% of women wearing pants. What makes a women? Skirts? Well then we have just 10% we could discuss. Sex of a body does not start with the clothing, it might be for some people of course, so were are the border line?
Who tells you what your body likes, what feels comfortable? Just your own body, but most people forget to listen to him, doing something but not what the body needs. For that we have enough illness and diseases.

I am tired to talk about history, but sometimes we have to remind ourselves that the skirt originally is a male garment. So what? Shall we do this with pants to? Pants were worn hstorically first by women - under long dresses in Asia. O, o, what did we do? It seems to me that our ancestors knew more abut body, comfort and health than we do?!!

At Fri Aug 28, 09:05:00 AM Mark said...

I do not know if this thread is still watched but -
Count me in as a man that loves skirts. I would be more bold if I could a fford a cool kilt but the company that once made affordable everyday kilts stopped making the plain ones and what they do have is no longer affordable (for me at least). Living in Middle TN U.S. makes it a bit difficult to be accept by the general public in just a regular skirt.

At Fri Aug 28, 10:27:00 AM Mark said...

"do you have a link or something for this stat??"

At Sun Sep 06, 07:43:00 PM Anonymous said...

What is a "regular" skirt? I think all skirts are regular. maybe skirts for men? I think that is a question about taste.
So, most of the skirts right now men have to buy in women's departments just because of lack that men's department don't carry skirts.
Or men have to buy it online. Those skirts are handmade, don't make a mistake and send wrong measurments. If you'll finally receive your skirt you will be satisfied, they are great.

At Mon Dec 21, 02:31:00 PM Anonymous said...

Correction, according to the medical research, male sexual organs have to be kept in temperature 2 to 4 Celsius lower than body. It's impossible to achieve that in trousers. Also, as many men said previously, skirts are much more comfortable for men, and are historical men's garment. So I think it's time to restore tradition of men's skirts.

At Wed Jan 06, 01:59:00 PM Chally said...

I just have to be a part of this thread, and part of history.

I'll be interested to see what happens with skirts! aren't! masculine! as the world grows smaller. Obviously globalisation has seen a massive spreading of white culture, but as that shifts, standards and valuation of masculinities will too.

At Fri Jan 15, 05:11:00 PM Anonymous said...

What is manly? What people think about manly men? Nobody knows it because it changes -everytime-.
I see a manly men as when he can do what a man should do - showing his strength and personality, and he can do that best in that kind of clothes he like. Skirts, yes, pants maybe. What is the difference?
All men in westernized societies wearing pants, so these men showing not their strength nor personality, they are running just everybody does, a uniformed puppet on invisible string.
Men are manly when they do what other don't do because they are afraid of.......

At Fri Jan 22, 05:13:00 PM Anonymous said...

For sure, pants doen't make a man manly, because pants are an unisex garment now.
I would say that a man is manly when he can be brave and couraged doing things what we do not expect from him. And that could be very different.
Yes, I think a man in a skirt, confident in wearing it, is a manly man.
I think that men should just jump (jump over the bridge) over there boundary with their super-boring pant-wardrobe, going new ways, un-common at the time.

At Sun Feb 07, 05:09:00 PM Anonymous said...

I don't care what other people think about, I like "my" man in a skirt. It is more than manly when he wears it, he has not to go off somewhere that he's manly. [I don't like this word anyway, because the standards are too different to judge that]. My man protects, helps, support -and most important- loves me in his skirts, with pantyhose and nice underwear. I love him, I only judge the person, not his clothes even I like that, too.

At Sun Feb 14, 02:09:00 AM gaguy077 said...

First, let me say that I am a 32 year old straight man. I personally find it very comfortable and somewhat sexy to wear skirts and dresses. I have also met a couple of women who thought it was pretty hot when I "dressed up" for them. I don't understand why it is such a big deal for guys to wear "revealing" clothing. If the girls like to see guys in it, and the guy likes wearing it, what's wrong with it? I guess society just isn't ready to accept "metrosexuals"! 20 years ago, it was so wrong for guys to rid themselves of body hair, such as chest hair, but that's totally acceptable now, so what's the difference? Why can't a guy be straight and wear a skirt or dress?

At Sun Feb 14, 02:19:00 AM gaguy077 said...

I don't understand what is wrong with guys wearing skirts or dresses. They are very comfortable, and just like with women, they can be sexy! I am a straight man, but I enjoy wearing skirts and dresses, but of course I can't wear them outside of my house due to other people not being accepting! My wife doesn't have a problem with it, in fact she encourages me to wear these items around the house, because she finds it sexy! Several years ago, if a man didn't have much chest hair he was made fun of, now men regularly shave their chest hair, and much other body hair, so I guess this is the next progressive metrosexual thing!

At Sun Feb 14, 03:05:00 PM Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with guys in skirts and dresses. There is a symbiotic relationship between male body and unbifurcated garments because of the male-body shape.
If you wearing already skirts and dresses at home, just go out in public with that, and that is the only thing what's wrong: Men do not dress what they want, they try to hide. But why and for what?

That is the only way to express yourself, you MUST go out skirted or using men's dresses. It has nothing to do with crossdressing or what some people might think.

At Sat Feb 27, 06:30:00 PM Anonymous said...

I just say YES for men's new fashion way - go skirted. Great development for men.

At Fri Mar 12, 05:24:00 PM Anonymous said...

All what people talking about what men might be wearing in future. Skirts? Okay with me. Dresses? Why not? What difference does it make? Men are men, whatever they might be wearing. It doesn't change anything.
So, everybody should decide what he like and prefer. Skirts usually looking very good on men, let give them a try.

At Thu Apr 15, 06:18:00 PM Anonymous said...

I am wearing skirts every day. Period. Nobody ever said anything negative, maybe because I am a man. Long time ago I told (I did not ask) my "boss" that I will wear skirts and kilts in future, also during work, of course. And - what do you think was the result? I still wear skirts.

At Wed Dec 08, 08:29:00 AM Anonymous said...

Do you really know why men want wear skirted garments? Just read - but there is much more to add:
I just can't understand that men always find excuses for that what they want to do.
In short: Tehy don't have to find any excuse except for the reason staying healthy. A skirt for every men is recommended because:
1. decrease the risk of prostate cancer
2. decrease the risk of testicle cancer
3. more air is flowing through the lower part of the body which helps:
a. keep legs airy and the reproduction organs in cooler temperature, therefor men do not need any additional supplements for sexual life, and in fall/winter/spring time legs absorbe more sunlight giving the body more Vitamin A
4. Skirted garments provide much more comfort for the male body than any kind of pants.
Sorry, I couldn't find any reason(s) against skirted garments in case of health for men except old thinking barriers. Do you can find any?

At Sat Dec 11, 10:08:00 AM Anonymous said...

Got it, and you're right, Alby.
I am just wondering that so little people thinking about that today, all is stucked in what we call fashion. But fashion should follow the same way we say form follows function, missing common sense when I think about what men wearing today. Uniformed guy's and not expressing their individuality, just stereotype.
Jump off the bridge - yes, but do it - as fast as possible, time in our age is running fast.
Try to understand the male bodies, and you'll never see a problem that men have to wear skirted garments.

At Tue Dec 28, 05:37:00 PM Anonymous said...

I am a dude wearing skirted garments because of comfort. Pants just un-natural for men I found out, since then I changed. People looking at me, never a bad comment or harassment, just very nice smiling or compliment. During cold season wearing it with pantyhose or leggings, no problem. Just fine.

At Wed Jan 19, 01:52:00 AM Anonymous said...

@alby, you mentioned the reasons why ot would be wiser for men to wear skirts. As to points 1 and 2, is there any scientific prove thereof? I've been trying to find such but no such luck. I do know the arguments are used by oncologists for asian spices hardly used in western dishes.
Anyone else who can solve this ridle?

At Wed Feb 02, 12:08:00 PM Anonymous said...

Men who hate other men wearing skirts want skirts saved as a female only thing because that way they have assurance that anytime they see person in a skirt, they'll know there's something under the fabric that could be penetrated---allowing these men to experience the initial stage of sexual excitement; when they see skirt on man, this ruins their excitement! Women who hate men in skirts have power as their motive--"Only we can wear skirts but men are restricted to one style!" So called "mental health professionals" are HIT MEN for anti-skirt men and style selfish women, and stand ready to slander men in skirts as "transvestites" or "cross-dressers," which is what they previously called WOMEN in PANTS!

At Sat Feb 12, 02:02:00 PM Anonymous said...

@ anon of Feb 2, 3.08hr: indeed psychiatrist entertauined the dictrine that if someone would wear garments of the other gender, there would be a form of deviant behaviour. Such was based on an edict of a roman emporor, incorporated into Church law in the 4th century AD (in the 6th century in the Koran and is known now as Sharia) and by the end of the 19th century incorporated into psychiatry - see Psycholy and Religious Truth by T.H. Hughes - and so has become a part of our social reference.
By ther end of the 19th century women who would wear trousers would be considered hysteric, by 1960 such would be comon even so more after the flower power era during which men wore heels without problems....
Double standard?

At Fri Apr 01, 01:28:00 PM David said...

I don't believe for a minute that 50% of the men in the world wear skirts. I also don't believe that it was a simple change in fashion that led to the demise of men in skirts. Think prehistoric, man. You kill a bear. It's summer. You
skin it and hang it's hide to dry, all the while fighting off other predators and scavengers,defending your kill, your meat........You cut the dried leather with a stone knife into the shape of what, a coat? It's summertime, remember?
You probably don't have a whole lot of time for poking holes in the leather with a sharpened bone either, to sew a really cool pair of trousers, so.......
you cut a couple of squares and bind them around your waist with strips of leather. Not just to keep the dirt off your butt when you sat down, but also for protection. Then someone, probably some smartaleck teenager, decided to cut one in the shape of....... let's call it a wrap. It wraps around the waist, or hips, and drapes down to where? Mid thigh, maybe? Neo man was probably up and down as many times an hour as most of us are in a week, so a midi is unlikely. A maxi would be out of the question. Anyway, teenage neo boy who defied daddy and cut the
leather "his own way" had a girlfriend. Girlfriend sees the "wrap" and "really, really, really, really..........really, likes it and makes neo boy give it to her. And as the weather gets cooler the next change of season she sews the side of it up with some leather strips that got stained a strange color when her youngest sister got eaten by that .......sorry. Anyway, the mini skirt is born (thank God).
That same fall, on a cold rainy day, neo boys Daddy makes him go out of the cave and gather some more wood to be drying for the fire. So he grabs a whole pelt
off the floor and sticks his head through a hole in the middle of it to wear out in the rain.It drapes down his back and front and keeps him fairly dry and warm.
He meets up with neo girlfriend, she sees what he has on, and, she really, really, really, really..............really, likes it and makes neo boy give it to her. She sewed the sides up to help stay warm, it’s late fall, remember? She used blood stained leather strips to sew with, and the dress is born. But this time neo boy gets his butt kicked for
giving away a whole dried pelt. Over time, neo boy discovers different foods he could
cultivate, and store, and even trade for other things (the first capitalist).He was no longer a hunter. He was out in the open more and needed clothes
that would protect him from the elements in a different way than a wrap could. So he took one of his longer wraps, split it front and back, sewed the two cuts to themselves, and leggins' were born. And hence, once neo girl had her way with him, I mean them, we got "Daisy Dukes" (thank God).
Over time it just became the norm for men to wear shorts and pants. Women kept the skirts. And the shorts. And the pants.
I've seen very few men wearing a skirt or dress in public, and unfortunately, didn't meet any of them. And the exposure of it on TV is mostly, and once more,
unfortunately, of a homosexual, and or fetish nature. I'ts in people’s nature, after all,
to pull up your tiny little skirt to look for dirt, and depending on your peer structure,to manufacture some. Some of the men I've seen (on TV) that were dressed were
beautiful beings that I would not have known were men. Same for some of the women.They looked, talked, and acted like men. I have seen myself in a mirror, in a skirt.
Got a picture of it to scare the grandkids with. What I see is a man in a skirt.................

At Fri Apr 01, 01:29:00 PM David said...

Not the sexy, feminine creature that I imagined myself to look like. But a hawked nose, skinny leg, no waist, no hip, no butt man in a skirt. What I felt though, was an incredible rush as the
first breeze blew up my short black skirt and caressed my freshly shaved inner.........sorry.
It wasn't just the breeze. It wasn't just the eroticism of doing something taboo, although it
certainly felt erotic. I may not have looked "feminine", but that's how I felt, and it felt really,
really, really, really, ................really, good. And no, I don't dream of competing with women for their femininity. If what I felt was a tenth of how women feel, then no wonder they want to be stingy b's and keep it for themselves. And that is the general consensus amongst the very
few women I've talked with on the subject of "men in skirts". They feel that men should stay with pants. "You're a man, dress like it!!" I came of age working in the construction industry. All the crude, rude, mean things people say about gays, cd's, lesbians....
I've said them. And I'm sorry for it. When I was younger, things seemed to be more black and white. Now that I'm older, things have taken on a more "grey around the edges"look and feel. Having said that, the reality is, that if I were to start dressing "enfemme" in public,and I think I speak for most people that would try to, my life would change for the worse
immediately. The construction "type" people I've always associated with would shun me.
My daughter, who has also seen "the fem" of me, says I'm a freak and would probably never let me see my grandchildren again. That's a pain I don't think I could bear.
I ran across this post, or thread, while looking for other “signs of life”. Part of me feels like I’m cheating on my wife by doing so, even though what I’m looking for has nothing to do with sex. And if anyone does read this, thank you for your time.

At Sat Apr 09, 07:47:00 PM Unknown said...

What in the world is a 'utilikilt?

At Mon Sep 09, 02:31:00 PM Skirtman said...

A skirt-wearing man myself, I recently posted on my own blog the proposal that society's rejection of the idea of men in skirts is more related to misogynist notions than merely to denying men the right to wear what we want.

Society accepts women in trousers because it associates trousers with strength and authority (positive concepts), but it ridicules men in skirts because it associates skirts with weakness and subordination.

Our attitudes towards skirts for men say much about our attitudes towards women.

At Thu Dec 19, 07:58:00 PM Skirtsadventure said...

Wow! lots of comments on this topic and I'm going to admit I didn't read them all... but I read quite a bit.

In my opinion there is no such thing as what is or is not acceptable to the masses, it is what is acceptable to me. If I want to wear skirts and dresses but I'm chicken to, there is inner conflict and no way to resolve it except to change my attitude and do it. That is the real journey. We can't necessarily change the consensual view but we can change our own and become comfortable with our decision and confident in our choice. That in and of itself will have an impact on every person who you encounter and every person who lays eyes on you, and in a small way you will be initiating change in the perception but in a big way will be changing your own. Go at your own pace but definitely go... and enjoy the journey and the personal change.

At Thu Jul 09, 04:20:00 PM Anonymous said...

There are some negative aspects about men wearing skirts. To name only one, the notion is rampant that "if men want to wear a skirt, it HAS to be a kilt!" The reason people say this is they don't want to let any new idea into their thinking. Kilts to some extent are a feature of people's mentalities as they are the best known SKIRT (ethnic) worn by men. Saying that men should be offered naught else but the choice of a kilt is no different than saying Scotland is the only overseas destination men may select, whereas the female is free to chose the entire horizon.

At Sun Jan 03, 11:48:00 AM Patagoniakid said...

Men have worn skirts far longer throughout time than women have so it's nothing new.
Skirts are cooler than shorts on hot summer days. A skirt makes more sense for a male to wear than a female...n freakin crotch binding inseams and perhaps best of all the chicks overwhelming approve and know the guy wear a skirt isn't sexist, homophobic or sexually insecure like the idiot guys who cry gay.

Top clothing designers say there are no reasons for men not to wear skirts. A skirt can be worn by anyone becasure they are not sex specific. There are only two (2) items sex specific... the bra and jockstrap (It makes absolutly no sense for the other sex to wear these.

Don't think men can rock mini and micro mini skirts then think again: https://www.pinterest.com/patagoniakid/men-in-mini-skirts/ and http://www.picturetrail.com/sfx/album/view/22064674


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