Ummm... before I react to Hillary's speech (which likely won't happen until late in the day tomorrow), can I just say that Rachel Maddow F'N ROCKS! Please tell me you're watching the coverage on MSNBC, because she is owning this coverage right now. Talk about a sneak preview for her show. Whoa buddy!

And Pat Buchanan, please stop talking.

I hope somebody puts this stuff on YouTube so I can share it with anybody who missed it.

UPDATE: Here are some lovely videos for you! OMG I just love her!

Rachel Maddow SMACKSDOWN Pat Buchanan (funnily enough, I was going to name my post "Maddow's Smackdown" but decided not to... clearly I was not alone in having that reaction!)

Rachel Maddow: The Media & The Clintons

Rachel Maddow on Hillary's DNC Speech: "She nailed it" (she is DEAD ON with this analysis, especially about the people who are "movable")


At Wed Aug 27, 01:05:00 AM Maxie said...


I am so excited for her show-- for serious. It starts next week at 9 pm on msnbc. I have been a fan of her (on race for the white house and air america) for a while and I am so glad I will get to watch her ever night!!!

At Wed Aug 27, 12:23:00 PM Habladora said...

Posts like this make me sad not to have TV. Sigh.

At Wed Aug 27, 01:39:00 PM frau sally benz said...

I just found a bunch of clips on YT that I'll be posting on here, so don't worry Habladora!!

Maxie, I'm SO excited about her new show! WOOHOO!

At Fri Sep 05, 03:49:00 AM cp said...

Thanks for posting these videos. I was hoping would do the same thing it did for the primaries, which was cut over, but, alas, they did not, so I missed the good stuff, i.e. Rachel. So...thanks! Can't wait for the show, either. Here's hoping MSNBC will air it online. Being an American in Australia can be tough sometimes.


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