As you folks know, I love music. Love. Actually, I can't live without it. I wake up and fall asleep to music playing. In my head.

I have a particular love for feminist musicians and women singer/songwriters. (Have you checked out my posts about Shakira, Fiona Apple, and Paula Cole?) Actually, this love might be borderline obsession. That's why I was too excited when I saw this piece about the women who rock my world in The Guardian.

The article is centered around the anniversary of Liz Phair's Exile in Guyville, but it also touches on some of the greats: going back to Carole King and Carly Simon in the 70s, up to the likes of Tori Amos and Alanis.

If you've been paying any attention to this blog, you know I love music breaks! Here goes another one!

First up, we've got Liz Phair's 6'1 off the Exile in Guyville album.

Tori Amos rocks my socks. While I love a whole bunch of her songs, one of my faves is still Spark off the From the Choirgirl Hotel album. It's literally haunting.

And, because nothing is complete without Alanis, Wake Up off the Jagged Little Pill album.


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