Unfortunately for me, I am a very hairy person. I have lots of hair pretty much everywhere and it's really very annoying. I've tried pretty much every type of hair removal from the time I've been allowed to shave (which, even more unfortunately for me, was not until high school).

Waxing, of course, keeps the hair off the longest and doesn't really hurt me very much. The problem is that I'm usually charged the rates for a man because I have a whole lot of hair and a whole lot of legs. This makes it rather expensive.

Shaving is the cheapest and most convenient, but stubble comes in within a few hours and it's all back in just a couple of days. In the summer, I often end up with irritated legs because of this.

This makes me very eager to try pretty much any type of hair removal I find. I've tried Nads (not nearly enough strips for me), Carefree Hair Remover (okay, but sometimes I have to leave it on for too long), Veet (probably the best, though now I can't find it anywhere), and various Nair products.

The latest has been this Nair Shower Power thing. I swear, some of these products need to come with a "the very hairy need not try this" warning. What a waste of money this was:

I used almost the entire bottle just the first time. The stupid little sponge is useless and looks gross after the one use. There were hair patches everywhere.

On to the next product I guess. Any suggestions?


At Wed Aug 06, 03:44:00 PM Habladora said...

I have no suggestions, I'm sorry to say. Awesome post over at TFU, though - you've saved the day, and my mood ;)

At Wed Aug 06, 06:21:00 PM daedalus2u said...

I have some discussion, not really a suggestion, but it might fall into the category of too much information. Most of my suggestions do.

Hair growth is usually regulated by androgens. Being hirsute is a common symptom of hyperandrogenic hormone states in women, and something like 5-10% of women experience it. Often it is associated with adverse health effects including PCOS, obesity and the metabolic syndrome (I just happened to be reading about this for my research which is why I know). The major androgen is testosterone, and testosterone synthesis is regulated by nitric oxide (which is the subject of my research). NO inhibits testosterone synthesis by inhibiting the cytochrome P450 enzyme that is the rate limiting step. Lower the NO level and you get more testosterone.

This relates to my research because I am studying bacteria that live on the skin and generate NO from the ammonia in sweat. They hang out in the niches created by body hair, and I think that providing a niche for those bacteria is the main reason for body hair. When NO levels go down, testosterone levels go up, hair growth increases, the patches of skin covered with hair expand, the bacteria generate more NO and the NO level goes up and down-regulates the testosterone level.

I think this is the mechanism for antibiotics in animal feed increasing the size, growth rate and accelerating maturity in farm animals. The antibiotics kill off the bacteria I am working with, NO levels go down, more androgens produce animals with larger body size. I think the decline in the age of puberty that humans have experienced in the last 150 years may be due to this mechanism too, loss of NO from loss of the bacteria I am working with. In 1850 the average age of menarche in Finland was almost 17.

If you raised your NO level that would probably reduce your hair growth rate. I doubt that it would reduce it enough that you could do without shaving unless you lowered your standards considerably. I can’t think of any good physiological reasons for removing hair. As a guy with Asperger’s, my understanding of the social reasons for removing hair is quite limited. But as your blog title alludes to, if everyone else is doing it…

At Thu Aug 07, 09:40:00 AM frau sally benz said...

daedalus2u, that's really rather fascinating (though I'm a bit of a geek).

habladora, *phew* I'm glad you liked my post! It's awesome to be able to write over there.

At Mon Aug 11, 03:22:00 PM Renee said...

Have you ever thought about just leaving the hair? This summer I made a promise not to shave my legs are arm pits and so far I have not broken down and you know what the world did not come to an end. Why go through all of the effort to change your body when this is clearly what is natural to for you. People aren't staring at my hairy armpits and legs and if they do, so the hell what this is the way my body was meant to be.

At Mon Aug 11, 03:24:00 PM frau sally benz said...

I've tried to go without shaving before, and I just can't do it. As you might be able to infer from my post, the teasing I got growing up has left me with quite the complex. I'm trying to free myself from it, but I still can't go for too long without getting rid of the hair. Hopefully someday, but today is not that day.

At Tue Aug 26, 02:40:00 PM zakstar said...

Have you considered laser hair removal. It takes multiple sessions because only about 1/3 of your hair follicles are active at a given time, but given the costs of a life time of waxing. . . laser hair removal seems practical.

It's on my wish list -- I come from Eastern European and Italian DNA -- apparently a furry brand of people.

At Tue Aug 26, 08:37:00 PM frau sally benz said...

The idea of laser hair removal has always scared me, but I think I might need to look into it!!

At Mon Feb 15, 07:39:00 PM David L. said...

The Epilator.
The only way.


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