Are these people for real?! This MUST be a joke.

This story just gets worse with each sentence. 1) A t-shirt that says "Obama is my slave"? Really?! 2) Somebody actually thought it was okay to buy that? 3) Said person was surprised that she was harassed because of it? 4) Said person is suing the designer? Did he force you to buy it? 5) Obama=Hitler?! 6) Obama=Muslim Hitler?! 7) A SHIRT ACTUALLY SAYS OBAMA=HITLER?!


I'd like to wake up from my nightmare now, please. Or at least, please let this be a joke.

UPDATE: Habladora and I are trying to determine whether or not this for real. Also, in the event that this isn't real, we're trying to figure out what the agenda is. Please help us!

Another Update: Apparently this story was in today's Metro, and there's a post about it on Feminocracy. I'm still hoping this guy is a fake looking for some publicity.


At Thu Jul 17, 03:33:00 PM Habladora said...

Yeah... here are some things we're wondering about, kids -

Why would a real designer make a shirt that looks like it was made at the mall print-on-demand stand? Why does the "Apollo Braun" store have such a crap website, and why do all the clothes you could order cost $0? I'm just not sure I believe in Apollo Braun or the lawsuit against him.

If it is a fake story... what's the agenda? Is this jerk just looking for attention, or is it some kind of low-budget hate campaign against Obama... or liberals? Is he trying to introduce hateful slogans against Obama into public discourse with this?

Can any of the NYC readers confirm- does this store-front really exist?

At Thu Jul 17, 03:53:00 PM OutcrazyOphelia said...

It does sound dubious. The alleged incident hasn't been reported save in stories that prominently feature the shirt and maker in question. Why haven't we seen this graduate student? I would think the papers would be interested in her--she would likely be a very sympathetic character. Minding her own business, wearing a hipster shirt and getting spit on for it.

At Thu Jul 17, 04:07:00 PM frau visionaria benz said...

I was looking for info on the address and found this and this.

I guess the store might, in fact, exist. I'm still skeptical about the story itself, but I guess the next couple of days(??) will enlighten us.

At Mon Jul 21, 12:49:00 PM frau sally benz said...

UPDATE, for those still checking:

The man, the store, and the t-shirt, sadly, all seem to exist. The lawsuit, however, seems to be pretty much a load of BS and an attempt for the designer to get publicity.


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