While we're all having yummy food with friends and family at home or by the pool on this Independence Day, we should make time to reflect on how far we've come. BUT, there also needs to be some time to consider how far we still have to go.

This piece is just a reminder of why feminism is still necessary. Some of the progress feminism has made is starting to roll back and feminism is still seen as a bad word. The state of things is not always as good as we like to think it is. If we stay settled with what we have, we can never get better.

So enjoy the long weekend. And see if you can take a bit of time to do some soul searching before the booze.


At Sun Jul 06, 04:55:00 PM Struggle For Justice said...

Feminism should demand that
women be recognized as being
the superior gender.

Women have been so brainwashed for
millenia that they actually believe the male superiority BS.

It just goes to show how
true the saying that if
you tell a big enough lie and often enough people will believe it.

Susan B. Anthony tried an experiment
in order to
teach males a lesson.
She told all her followers
to go on strike
and she spread panic
because the men realized how
useless they really were.

At Mon Jul 07, 09:55:00 AM Sally said...

I don't much buy into the women = superior stuff. It's just as bad as men = superior, plus it still clings onto (and validates) the gender stereotypes that harm us in the first place.


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