Brownfemipower is generally totally awesome. But this post reacting to Alberto Gonzales' take on "what Latinos want from their president" is dead on.

Read it. No, really read it. Learn it. Let it travel from your eyes, to your brain, to your heart. And then react. Because the truth is that all too often public figures make blanket statements supposedly representing "their people" (race, ethnicity, gender, country, etc.) and not nearly enough people call them out on their b.s. Unless there's some sort of gathering and voting taking place, one person cannot speak for an entire section of the population. Let's stop letting people speak for us- especially if all they have to say is ridiculous, harmful crap.

Please feel free to post your comments whether you agree or disagree.


At Fri Jul 04, 02:51:00 PM Habladora said...

Brownfemipower is really right on this one, Alberto Gonzales is an embarrassment and needs to be put on trial for the way he has worked to ensure that the US can use the very torture techniques we've called abhorrent when used by other cultures. Also, you lose your right to speak in terms of "we" when you are actively working against the best interests your community.


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