I don't pay much attention to the ads on Facebook. They're usually directing me to a Battlestar Galactica poster or a website that sells personalized cameras for your wedding. Today, however, they *warned* me about common wedding diet mistakes and insisted that I can "shed 12 pounds from [my] waist, thighs, and hips in just 7 days" by going to Skinny-Bride.com. (Sorry I don't have a pic, screen shots on PCs suck. If I can get the ad to show up on my Mac at home, I shall post a pic.)

First of all, umm... thanks.

Second, since when is it possible to lose weight ONLY from your waist, thighs, and hips? I have taken many a health class, Facebook, and I know that where you lose weight depends largely on genetics. I can tell you from losing weight in the past that the first part of my body to shed anything is my chest.

Third, apparently this is for brides that don't like their booties but want to preserve their boobs. I like my booty just fine. Do you know how to make it even bigger?

Fourth, umm... thanks again.

I think this pretty much negates the points I gave to Facebook a couple of days ago. Facebook, your score is back to 0. Please try again.

For Skinny-Bride.com... I only have this to comment on: "If She Didn't Lose 10lbs In Less Than A Week, Amy Would Have To Cancel The Wedding."

Cancel the wedding?! Because she couldn't lose 10 pounds?! Who is this woman and where can I send her an electronic hug? All of this pressure for women to lose weight for their weddings is really very ridiculous.


At Thu Jul 17, 02:43:00 PM FeministGal said...

yea... and then there was that show, Buldging Brides, or something? These perfectly normal looking women were encouraged to buy a wedding dress 1/2/3 sizes too small (never ever a good idea lol) and be able to fit into it by their wedding... oh how i love the media :)

At Thu Jul 17, 03:03:00 PM frau visionaria benz said...

That show makes me so sick. The ads were plastered all over Grand Central, and the clip on Sarah Haskins' Target Women: Wedding Shows was really awful. Back cleavage?! Are they serious?

My thing is, why doesn't anybody ever just get the bigger size? It's just one size up...?

At Thu Jul 17, 03:23:00 PM Habladora said...

Brilliant post - absolutely brilliant. And I, too, love my booty - more love for booties! (Not that anyone should feel obligated to get one, I'm just not planning on getting rid of mine...)

At Fri Jul 18, 04:41:00 PM Renee said...

I believe that a&E has a show that is dedicated to starving women into wedding dresses...just ridiculous. One I will never one and I somehow lost my mind and decided to get married I would certainly get a dress that fit me and not the other way around. The whole wedding industry is disgusting and it is largely policed by women.

At Fri Jul 18, 05:41:00 PM daedalus2u said...

This is so sad that people exploit women getting married in this terrible way. A wedding is just a fancy party. Everything else about a relationship is more important than how a fancy party turns out.

At Mon Jul 21, 12:24:00 PM Sungold said...

Fooey on Facebook!

And yet ... if you figure out how to lose weight *only* in one's thighs while gaining it in the boobs, I want to know!! (Pathetic, I know!)

I got married 14 years ago, and it's amazing how the industry has ballooned even since then.

At Mon Jul 28, 06:24:00 PM inde said...

I hate facebook. Now you've just given me another reason.

MySpace isn't any better.


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