I used to love FB.

Then it became stalkerish and I closed my account.

Then my guy opened up a new page for me and I've been trying to get back into it.

Now, I must say, they're starting to win my love back. They have a books app (similar to my library down at the bottom of my blog), the Change.org app, Scrabulous, and now a blog networks app. How totally cool is that?!

So go check out your favorite blogs and add them if they're not up there. Leave a comment with your blog if you'd like me to join your blog network.


At Mon Jul 14, 06:36:00 PM Brian said...

Thanks for telling us about this. I've joined your blog group and Shakesville and half a dozen others and put mine up as well.

At Wed Jul 16, 02:21:00 PM :: e.k.o said...

I hadn't seen that Blog Networks application yet. Thanks for the tip, and for visiting me!


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