It's time for another fabulous list of posts I really enjoyed reading. This time I've included a bit about why I chose these out of the countless posts out there in the blogosphere:

FeministGal on what might actually be behind the rise in teen pregnancy (hint hint, ever heard of abstinence only education?), and also delves into how teen pregnancy is portrayed in the media. I thought this post said pretty much everything I wanted to say right after I thought it (get out of my head FeministGal!) and the fact that she likes Degrassi only made it that much more awesome.

outcrazyophelia on gender expectations for fathers. I'm always saying that sexism hurts men too and this is a perfect example. I feel bad that this man had to deal with crap just by taking pictures of HIS OWN children. Would the mother have caught that much flack?

Habladora on when statutory rape laws hurt more than they help. This piece really made me think- in fact, I'm still thinking.

DerelictDaughter11 (guest post on Shakesville) on the LIRR crew doing the right thing, for once. I used to take the LIRR, so this one caught my eye. Although it's definitely sad that the crew is getting kudos for simply doing the right thing. This shouldn't be so special, and yet, it is.

Richard Cummings on prostitution in the U.S. Following my own brain overload from pondering sex work in a recent post, what stuck with me about this was the exchange he mentions from Oprah near the end of the post.

Happy reading!


At Sun Jul 20, 12:47:00 AM Habladora said...

The statutory rape laws need some good thinking, and I don't have an answer worked out in my head that I'm satisfied with yet either. I remember reading somewhere that these laws were more often used against teens who were involved in interracial relationships... usually parents don't press charges if their 16-year-old kid has sex with their 17-year-old partner, but the rate increases drastically when there is a racial difference.

Since I couldn't track-down the stats, I didn't use it though.


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