It's been a while since I updated everyone on my 25 before 25 list. I'm about halfway done with The Brothers Karamazov. That isn't very exciting though because I've been reading it for the past month, and halfway is only about 500 pages. I've just been too busy to make any headway, but I'm hoping that once this month is over, things will get better. I bought Rebecca like I said I wanted, so I'll be reading that next.

What have I been working on, you ask? I've been: creating & implementing a social networking plan for two organizations, keeping up with membership for two organizations, helping design a new website, designing & managing a new blog, and much more. I'm tired just looking at all of that in print. Needless to say, I'll be glad when this spike in work is over.

Then I can get back to reading and blogging to my little heart's content.


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