WARNING: This is not a happy post. At all.

Yeah... I am starting to get really sick of grown men and their woman-hating jokes. I'm sick of them calling each other "vaginas," or ask each other how "wet their pu**ies get" when they do something like *gasp* watch a romantic comedy! (OMG! THE HORROR!) And I don't give a f*k if you do it because that's what everyone else is doing. And I don't give a f*k if you're "only joking." If you claim that you aren't sexist or misogynist- you need to stop doing it. Period.

If you haven't analyzed why you are saying that in the first place, then be ignorant.

But if you are even slightly aware of how deeply ingrained all of that crap is in every one of us from the moment we're born, how much it sets back the very things you claim to support (women, equality, feminism, etc.), and how much it hurts the women you know- whether they admit it to you or not- you need to stop. Seriously.

If you aren't comfortable fighting against the people saying that crap, then that's fine. I get tired too sometimes. There's only so much fighting I can do before I need to take a break to gear up for next time. And I totally get the social pressure. So I'm not even asking you to tell them about themselves when they speak that way (although you really should).

I'm just asking you to stop taking part in it.

Just stop.

Like, now.


At Mon Jun 16, 11:40:00 AM Sungold said...

Yeah, and it seems like the use of "pussy" is on the upswing - and not in a flattering way. Imagine a world in which that were a compliment, not a put-down! Nah, I can't imagine it. More's the pity.

I'm enjoying your blog and just added you to my blogroll so I can find my way back easily. (I know I could use a feed but I just don't deal with them ...)


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