As I mentioned last week, we just got a car! Woohoo! And we spent our first day with the car (Saturday) driving around looking for a Wii Fit.

Mission Accomplished.

Because of my laziness and driving around town, on Saturday I ditched the gym. But boy, oh boy did I make up for it yesterday! I spent about a half hour on the bike--my new obsession because I get to read and work out at the same time, how awesome is that-- and then took a cardio cross-training class for an hour. Basically it was step mixed in with some basic strength training for half the class and then intense ab work for the rest. I worked out muscles I had forgotten I had. I felt pumped! It was great!

Once I got home, I could not contain myself and decided to try out the Wii Fit. I did yoga, which was very nice. Then I did the push ups and plank thing. Twice. Holy crap! That was almost as intense as my morning class.

Needless to say, my body is now in extreme pain. I can barely move my arms above my elbow and my calves ache every time I walk faster than a snail. At least I know working out is working for me again. No gym today so I can recover, but I'll be back in action tomorrow.

UPDATE: I actually did end up going to the gym even though it was my day off. Now my body aches even more! I think for the next two days I will only be getting my yoga on. Hopefully it will help me heal.


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