My job requires me to be in the know about social networking sites, so I keep my eyes and ears open for what's out there. Recently I heard about Team Sugar, a social networking site geared towards women.

My first reaction was sweeeet (pun totally intended), this could be kinda cool. (A second after that I thought "damn it, stop separating the genders!" But that's not exactly what this post is about.)

I skimmed the home page and was immediately turned off by "Popular Celebrities Today" and- ugh- "Popular Brands Today." The nav bar had the usual suspects: friends, groups, blogs, photos, etc. I looked through the offerings under sites and went to Savvy Sugar for Career & Money. 

Yeah... Okay... First thing I see is What is Your Office's Dress Code

I understand it makes sense to talk about fashion in the career section. All the major career sites have articles and forums about it, so why should this be any different? I really don't know why it ticked me off so much, but it really did annoy me. Maybe it was the Ugly Betty picture that distracted me, rather than having the generic "I swear I could work at your job" pics. Does anybody know what I'm talking about?! No? 

I decided to keep going and saw a piece about honeymoons! UGH! At least I know why this one annoyed me-- because I keep avoiding planning my darn wedding and everywhere I turn I see ceremonies, receptions and honeymoons! 

Granted, the rest of the page did seem to have practical tips, but I was too frazzled to keep going. What do you guys think? Is anyone on Team Sugar? Would you try now that you know about it?


At Wed Jun 25, 01:33:00 AM LynnAlexander said...

No- I am not on Team Sugar. I guess that's just not my thing, I don't really talk about fashion as some major lifestyle thing. I see clothing as clothing and largely believe that it has come to mean far more because of our commercial conditioning. Sure, I think we should dress ok for work.

But sit around discussing shoes? No thanks. Not me.
Many of these new social network sites are really not-so-transparent ploys at target marketing, not to mention using the content to custom target ads.
By the way I came from Feminist Underground, nice to meet you.


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