When I first started commenting on blogs a while back, I always used the name "visionaria" which is generally a name I use for most things, so it came naturally. 

A couple of weeks ago though, for some reason, I started posting comments as "sally." (I think this started because I was at work and maybe my mind was too tired to think past my name being Sally.) Anyhoodles, at that point I tried to stay consistent on the sites and stuck to whichever name I had used last. Except now my terrible memory is kicking in and I never remember which is which! 

I've started some blog-oversies lately, so I'm hesitant to go back to visionaria for fear it'll confuse the heck out of people. 

AHHHH! I have blog schizophrenia! HELP!

I think once my current blog-oversy is over, I'll just switch everything back to visionaria because I don't like my name anyway. I'm my own blog-ologist. Awesome!


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