What an awesome year for Latinos!

First, Junot Diaz wins the Pulitzer for The Brief Wondorous Life of Oscar Wao. He's Dominican, which is too cool, because Dominicans rarely get much press. I haven't read the book yet (and won't be able to until I finish my 26 before 26), but I hear it's a great account of immigrants and Latino communities.

Tonight, Lin-Manuel Miranda won a Tony for Best Original Score for In the Heights. AND In the Heights won Best Musical. HOLY CRUD! I haven't seen this either (I'm totally slacking on my Latina-ness this year, clearly), but I really, really want to go watch it with my sisters. I've seen a few performances, and I'm going to enjoy what I can when I go to Broadway at Bryant Park. Plus, Miranda is a total cutie-patootie.

What other great headlines have we seen for Latinos this year? Let's celebrate our time in the spotlight, recognize each other's accomplishments, and keep working our booties off to make it happen para nuestra cultura.

UPDATE: Check out Miranda's acceptance speech. It was awesome.

And can I just say that I LOVE that even at the Tonys for some reason it's the Latinos that make all the noise and give each other standing ovations. We rock!


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