Yesterday, I wrote about books I recommend particularly to people who don't self-identify as feminists because they give a great intro to what feminism is and how it has impacted our lives. Because I'm a book-whore, I thought it'd be good to post about them. I'm starting with my personal fave, Dear Sisters: Dispatches from the Women's Liberation Movement.

I was first assigned this book in a women's studies class and let me tell you that it freakin' rocks my socks!

It's a collection of articles, essays, pamphlets, cartoons, etc. from the women's liberation movement. Because it uses documents from many different groups and women, it's a great collection of the movement as a whole and highlights the different "branches" of feminism. Rather than meticulously analyzing every piece of evidence, they provide a short blurb about the group, person, or issue and then let the documents speak for themselves. It covers: forced sterilization, vaginal orgasm, La Raza, the rights of women workers, abortion, men's role in a women's movement, motherhood, the pill, how to make a tampon from a sponge... the list goes on and on.

You might be asking yourself "well what the hell does that have to do with feminism today?!" The thing that's great about it is that by offering a glimpse into what the women's liberation movement set out to do, you can appreciate their accomplishments (I can enjoy a clitoral orgasm and 9 months later my guy would be allowed to see the birth of his baby without any hassle from the hospital), and the work still ahead of us (women still rely on medical advice based largely on men's symptoms and experiences, NOT GOOD!).

What I don't like about this book is that it's such a small percentage of the actual work done. I would have preferred multiple volumes so that more issues and groups could be covered and many more examples could be highlighted. Granted, that's an insane amount of work, so I'm totally not knocking them for cramming an entire movement into less than 400 pages.

So if you've already read it, be sure to leave your comments below about your thoughts on the book. If you haven't read it, I advise you head on over to your nearest bookstore or library, and flip through a copy to see all the awesomeness it holds!


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