The Feminist Underground called for submissions last week for personal definitions of feminism. One of the things they wanted to touch on was how others respond, which has since made me think a lot about my own ways of dealing with people's responses to my loud and obnoxious feminism.

Sometimes I've been ignored or patronized. Often I've had great debates, discussions, arguments, hair-pulling* and such. But one thing I keep going back to as particularly effective is a handy-dandy list of books (surprise, surprise!; I told y'all I'm a book-whore). In the past I've recommended some books to people who don't self-identify as feminists but who I think probably would if they knew what that actually meant.

There are just some books that I think are great at communicating what feminism is on a very basic level. These books provide real life examples, in a language and style people can understand, and they're a great read. Ever the bookworm and good, little feminist, I think it'd be cool to post about some of them: give a description, short review, and how it speaks to feminists and non-feminists.

I'll start with my top picks, so look out for posts in the near-future about:
Dear Sisters, The F Word, Full Frontal Feminism

If anybody has great picks I should cover (or check out if I haven't read), please leave a comment so I can highlight them.

*P.S.- I'm totally kidding about the hair-pulling of course... unless you count when I pull out my own hair in frustration of somebody just not getting it!


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