This week The Feminist Underground has a series of guest bloggers discussing definitions of feminism, personal experiences with feminism, etc. I'm today's guest writer! Yippee! So head on over there to check out my post, and be sure to check out the other guest posts as well by Amelia from Female Impersonator and Dee from Power of Attorney.

To everyone here from The Feminist Underground-- Welcome!! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you can stay a while and enjoy.

Check out the other guest posts by Dr. W. from Professor, What If...? and Earlgreyrooibos from This is What a Feminist Blogs Like. I must say I really enjoyed all the posts. Major kudos again to The Feminist Underground for putting this together.


At Wed Jul 02, 12:47:00 AM Habladora said...

Hey, we were honored to have you take part!


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