I've seen all different versions of the Photoshop/ Retouching/ Drab-to-Fab videos, but I just can't get enough of them. Every time I see one, I stare in amazement (mostly because the only thing I know how to do with Photoshop is open a file and look at it).

I wanted to share this because I've been thinking a lot lately about beauty expectations and how incredibly damaging they can be.

My mother is always going on about what work she needs to have done (for the record, tummy tuck & breast lift) and always says that she's doing it "for herself." I have explained to her that nobody needs really needs that and she can certainly survive without it. I have explained to her that the only reason she thinks she needs that is b/c our culture values flat, unwrinkled tummies and perky, in-your-face boobs. She doesn't believe me on either count. Either that, or she really doesn't care.

It makes me really sad. She's beautiful. She really is. My sisters and I tell her all the time. But no matter what, she never believes us when we tell her she doesn't need to go through expensive, elective surgery.

Maybe it's too late for her. Maybe she's already so convinced that what she looks like now is so unbelievably disgusting that surgery is the only way she sees possible to look "normal" again.

I hope that never happens to me, though I'm constantly afraid it might. =/

Does anybody have any advice on how else to stop my mother from having the surgeries? Should I just leave it alone at this point?


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