As I write this, my poor sister is taking her final in a women's studies class she had this semester. She was freaking out last night about the things she knew and didn't know, as she often does (she's a nerd, I love her). She called me so I could help her out, which I was happy to do.

It was amazing.

I was explaining psychoanalysis to her and kept remembering all of these random things I hadn't thought about in ages (penis envy, Horney's womb envy, fixations, etc.). Then something very strange happened. We started talking about economic systems and their effects on feminist thought, but I couldn't quite explain all the details. I suddenly remembered the EXACT BOOK and CHAPTER that discussed Marxian thought, socialism, and other alternatives to the industrialized, capitalist culture!! Holy crap!! I hadn't opened that book in almost 4 YEARS! How did that happen?!

Ever since then, I keep thinking about how much I absolutely love women's studies. I have been going back and forth between getting my PhD in Psych or WST. As recently as last night on the commute home, I was trying to figure out which one I should pursue. I feel like it all keeps coming back to WST even though I keep trying to fight it. I know I'm supposed to really think about such a major decision and not base it all on a whim... Maybe my goal for this weekend will be to finally make a decision. I'll update everyone on Tuesday ; )


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