People need to stop sending me Hillary Clinton emails. Now.

I don't have anything against her. I will certainly be voting for her if she gets the nomination. But I am not on her mailing list! So WHY ARE PEOPLE EMAILING ME?!

I never signed up for any of these email lists, yet various NOW affiliates, and today Women for Hillary (didn't even know there was such a group) keep sending me emails about joining the cause-- and these are just the names I recognize. My question is, how the hell did some of these people/orgs get my email address? That's my concern really because if I never signed up for your list then you must've bought it from (or shared it with) another organization, so I'd like to get off that list, thank you very much. And, yes, I've already contacted most of these groups so they'll stop sending me emails, yet it keeps happening.

I'm perfectly fine with receiving Obama emails because at least I know to expect them, having actually signed up. I'm used to them by now. But I don't want to wake up with messages from people/organizations I've never heard of about how angry I should be about NARAL's endorsement. Dude, I don't care! Actually, good for them! So please please please, stop emailing me!!!!

End rant.


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