So I was watching clips from The View on ABC's website when the breaking news banner suddenly appeared: MISSOURI WOMAN INDICTED ON FEDERAL CHARGES OF FRAUDULENTLY USING A MYSPACE ACCOUNT TO 'CYBERBULLY' 13-YEAR-OLD WHO LATER COMMITTED SUICIDE

This story is so tragic on so many levels that it's odd to use a word like "happy" when describing how I felt seeing this. But, that is the closest to how I felt. I mean, it would be bad enough if a teenager would pretend to be a cute boy complimenting and leading on a girl she called her friend. And it would be worse, of course, if the "boy" then told the girl that the world would be better without her. And the worst to imagine would be that this girl then commits suicide because of the harm this caused her. But it does get worse. Because to think that a grown adult would actually play ANY role in this, is unbelievable.

I'm not sure how close to justice this can get, but at least something is happening now.


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