So I was going through the ABC News website this morning as part of my daily ritual and saw this video from Good Morning America about sexism in the media. It didn't really have any new information, but I'm glad they mentioned the video from The Women's Media Center, Sexism Might Sell, But I'm Not Buying.

They bring up a good point though-- it's very hard to define sexism. That's what makes it SO challenging to have an honest discussion with anybody. One person's sexism, is another person's [insert excuse/explanation here]. I admit that at times I really question when somebody presents something as sexist.

But I think the point is that if it makes a great deal of people uncomfortable, then is it so hard to at least think about why it might be sexist?? You can still disagree. But at least think about it, discuss it, open up your mind to the possibility that sexism affects all of us (ohmygod! no way!) in ways we can't really imagine.

I took a class this semester about how ingrained the representations of masculinity and femininity are in every single person. There is a distinction between being aware of a stereotype and acting on it. The good thing that came out of the class was learning that there are ways of doing that.

How?, you ask. That's another post for another day. But you can start by bringing out the sexist in you and having a nice long conversation with him/her.


At Fri May 30, 12:27:00 PM lexicon said...

you are right and wrong. yes, we all need to bring out our inner sexists and talk to him/her. but at the same time the wolf cries do not help the situation. every time i turn on the news there is something about how obama or the media is sexists towards clinton and its usually hogwash. was the clinton nutcracker toy sexist? absolutely. but is calling her tears calculating sexist? nope. is 'dusting your shoulder off' in reference to a very dissapointing debate sexist? hell-to-the-no. is calling her desperate sexist? absolutely not. at this point she is desperate, that's not sexist, that's reality.

this is the same thing that has hammered the black community. africana studies departments opened across the country and we all became aware of the covert methods of racism. however, what we failed to acknowledge was that these covert, racially coded methods are also methods employed by the general public for the general public--not exclusively racist. so a good example. blacks were often called 'articulate' as pacification for speaking correct english in general. was this racist? yes! but, when joe biden called obama 'clean' and 'articulate', was this racist? hell no. have you looked at obama? he is young, so he doesn't have the wrinkles of the other candidates and skinny--he looks clean. clinton was a little chubby so he didn't look as clean in 92. gore (in 92') looked clean, but he wasn't a prez candidate. as for articulate...obama is the best speaker this country has had in the last three decades (hi jfk!). so, yes, he is articulate in the sense biden was speaking. here obama's race was incidental to the comments biden made and not a contributing factor.

tha's my point! =)



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