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I often hear [older] people complain about how apathetic American youth is. They say that we don't care about anything but ourselves and that we can't be depended on for any significant action.

Boy, are they wrong.

I'll have you know that the first time I ever heard about Darfur, it was at a college. Not on the news. Not on the train. On a college campus. Now people talk about it much more frequently, though definitely not as much as they should. This conflict in Sudan has the death of hundreds of thousands, rape, displacement, and much more. I see young people all around me taking action. Signing petitions, writing letters, donating money, volunteering. You name it, they're doing it. But there is still work to be done!

I just want to end by saying, the next time I hear someone talk down about America's youth, I'll direct them to a nice little site called, where the young and old are united about issues they are deeply passionate about. Some of the most active people on there are not even allowed to buy a beer yet!!! It's absolutely amazing and it warms my heart. Maybe revolution isn't too crazy to ask for...


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